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Saturday, March 28, 2009

March pictures

So I've been told by a certain somebody that I post way too many pictures at one time so I need to put them in a slideshow so that they don't take up my whole blog. So here's my first try at making a slideshow. These are all the pictures we've taken in March.

I know you've already seen a video of him singing this song, but this was about 2 weeks ago and he was using the music stand he constructed himself. It's a pumpkin carving kit (that we never opened) that he was holding up against a cup holder tree while at the same time trying to lead the music. He found both pieces and brought it to me and said, "mom a music stand!" so Bobby tapped them together for him.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-in-week 3

Sorry this is getting posted Thur. instead of Wed., but I didn't stop moving from sun-up till way after sun down yesterday and finally sat down at about midnight to post, but totally fell asleep!

Last week(3/18)---------This week (3/25)

Yea! How odd since I only worked out once in the last week and the week before I did almost every day and gained weight! As good as this news is for me, this is going to be my last weigh-in for awhile. There are so many different reasons but it all boils down to the basic reason that I've bit off way more than I can chew right now. I have to thank you Michelle for kind of (in a very nice way :)) bringing it to my attention. It's like I already knew I was wearing myself way too thin, but in some sort of weird way I needed somebody's permission to stop. I needed somebody to tell me it was okay to not be perfect in every category of my life, even though I so badly wanted to be. But unfortunately something's gotta give and right now this is what it's going to have to be. I really believe that it's SO important that we as mothers have something that we do just for ourselves and we take time just for us, but not at the expense of our family and that has what it's turned into for me. How patient I am is based on what percentage of sleep I got the night before and my patience seems to go down about 20% per hour of sleep lost, so I'm normally functioning on about 80% and the past few weeks it's been down around 50 or 60 so needless to say I was blowing up about silly things at any given moment. And my family just doesn't deserve that. Also, I was so adamant about working out in the morning that I had Bobby up feeding Kylee in the mornings while I was gone no matter how little sleep he got (he's usually going to bed between 1-2 because of homework and then up at 6:30 to go to school) and most days he was late to class because it takes her SO long to finish a bottle. But I didn't really care because I was doing something I wanted (and needed) to do.

Michelle's comment on my "I hate" post was the first little wake up call I needed but the answer to my prayer came Tues. morning as I was getting ready to go visiting teaching. I asked Heavenly Father to please help me to be able to do it all. To have the energy to keep going and accomplish my goals and that Kylee would get better so that I could go back to working out as usual. As I was flipping through the ensign to find the VT message I saw an article called To Perfection by Amanda Dierenfeldt. The title immideately caught my attention because perfection is something that I am always trying to obtain in every aspect of my life (something I'm trying to work on not doing) and it was only a page long so I decided to read it. The girl was explaining to a friend how frustrated she was that she hadn't accomplished different goals in her life and she felt so left behind by her friends that had completed them, and her friend said, "Why do you have to finish the race of life in a set time? Why not just run the race?"

So my friends, I will not give up on this goal and I will continue to work out but it will be when I can and not at the expense of my family. I think it's important to set goals and accomplish them, so I hope you don't think I'm giving up on this because I don't think I can do it. I know I can do it, but for right now I just need to "run the race" and not put a time limit on it because it's just adding way too much stress to my life right now. I once heard a speaker say to a group of women, "As women you can have it all! Just not right now. You can be a mother and a wife and a businesswomen and a church leader and whatever else you want to be, but pace yourself. Do things when you can, and then you can have it all."

And one more tidbit I loved from the article,"I don’t always need to sprint. Occasionally, it will be all I can do to simply face the finish line. Doing our best to move forward—no matter what speed “our best” is—is OK. Our efforts can be made perfect because the Lord’s grace is sufficient for us all."

So thank you for all your support in this, it will keep me going and one day I will have it all and I will finish the race, but for right now I'm just going to run.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunday sweetness!

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong...

(A picture that Tyler colored during nursery on Sun. The last picture-that he colored blue-is a picture of a baby. Any questions about how he feels about his baby sister?)

Well...I think she belongs perfectly! (sorry it's a little blurry-I have to have the camera away from her face to get her to smile and then quickly try to snap the pic, so most pictures of her smiling are a blury :( )

You can tell Tyler didn't know I was taping him. I love this boy!

I just realized when I was uploading these pictures that I haven't posted any pictures that I've taken since Kylee's blessing-that was a month ago! Needless to say there will be a months worth of pictures coming soon (whether you want them or not:)!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Life is good!

I can't even thank you guys enough for all your support and encouraging comments. Every single one of you said something I needed to hear! I truly believe faithful prayers are answered and I appreciate all of your prayers on my behalf. It may seem like a silly thing to pray for a friend on a blog because they are having a hard time, but I KNOW it's because of your prayers and thoughts that the past couple days have been wonderful! Gosh, I just have the best friends!!!

I like to post everything that's going on in my life (and actually wish I had time to post more) because this blog has become my journal and I want to remember everything- which means the good, the bad and the ugly. I guess I'm just not ashamed to be real and admit that some days just "suck" (thanks Alissa!). That's just life. And it's those bitter moments that make the sweet moments all the sweeter. I obviously (hopefully it's obvious) love my family more than anything in this world and my children mean more to me than I could ever find words to explain, but real life doesn't mean that every day is roses and chocolate (that would my perfect day!) No matter how hard we try to be the perfect parent, wife, daughter, or friend we never will be because we are human and we make mistakes. And that's okay. I accept that, and I thank you for not judging me for putting all my feelings out there. I hope that just because I make a post one day about how hard that particular day/week is, you all know (and most importantly my children know) that I am eternally grateful they are apart of my family and would take a crying baby every day for the rest of my life, than live a life without them in it. I would hope that you would know that without me having to write it in every post. I just think it's okay to have hard days and write about them.

Fri. night Kylee slept through the night again like normal and was an ANGEL on Sat. (and everyday since). I think you were right Joy, she was definitely going through a growth spurt! My clogged duct has cleared (sorry if that's TMI) and Bobby took his test this morning that he had been busying studying for all week, so my is good!

Just a quick story from yesteday. Our closing song for sacrament meeting was Families can be Together Forever and Tyler knows the words to the first verse and the chorus and was belting them out. As I heard his little voice sing, "I always want to be with my own family" tears began to pour down my cheek as I thought how truly grateful I am to have him (and Bobby and Kylee) with me forever! This past week has been a VERY hard week for me and I haven't handled every situation as I probably should have or with as much patience as I could have, and as I listened to Tyler sing the words to that song (because I was too choked up to sing them myself) I thanked my Heavenly Father over and over for the blessing sitting right there on my lap, and begged him to forgive me for my shortcomings throughout the past week. I love my family and am so lucky to be surrounded by such sweet, innocent spirits.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I hate...

I hate that Kylee hasn't taken a nap longer than 30 min. in the past 3 days.

I hate that if she's not eating or sleeping, 99.2% of the time she's crying.

I hate that she's all of a sudden decided not to take a pacifier.

I hate that I can't eat ANYTHING I like! Do you have any idea how many things contain some sort of dairy? If you use butter (or any dairy item) to even cook it, I can't have it. Even Ritz crackers have Soy in them. This diet things is making me so crazy I can't even think straight.

I hate that I have a clogged milk duct because it hurts SO bad!

I hate that I'm sitting here crying because it's the only thing I can control right now.

I hate that I've had to miss my workouts Thur. and today due to a fussy baby that has decided to wake up at 4:30 am to eat 3 nights in a row. (She's slept through the night for over a month not waking up till 7:30-and yes her routine is exactly the same) I now see how mom's "let themselves go" what you want always gets put on the end of the list.

I hate that I have no idea what's wrong with her because after some research of my own, I'm now thinking that rather than an allergy to milk, the problem might be an oversupply of milk (a whole different post); which I have absolutely no idea how to remedy since she doesn't eat that many times a day as it is.

I hate that I can't get Kylee on a schudule because 1) I don't like telling Tyler he has to be quiet all the time to try and get her to fall asleep at certain times (Babywise) because he's a kid and he shouldn't have to be quiet all day. And 2) because I can't let her cry herself to sleep (again, Babywise) because she wakes Tyler up and he desperately needs his sleep! and 3) She seems to have come with her very own schudule that will NOT be shaken.

I hate that Bobby is so busy with school right now that we spend pretty much zero time together.

I hate that on this first day of spring it's a gorgeous day and I'm inside wallowing in self pity.

I hate that I'm sitting here making a list of things I hate.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-in-week 2

So now I'm starting to REALLY regret that I decided to do this publicly! I thought it was going to be embarrassing enough to say that I didn't lose any weight one week, but it's so much more embarrassing to have to tell you I GAINED weight this week! How is this possible?! I have worked out 7 of the last 8 days and we only ate out once and it was at Subway rather than usual burger joint. UGH! I am so mad and have been in the worst mood all day. What's the point of waking up at 5:00 am 3 days a week to gain weight. I can do that just by sleeping in! UGH UGH UGH! Bobby told me that he thinks it's because I'm doing too much weight lifting and the weight gain is probably just muscle, but I don't care. I still feel stupid. He thinks I should cut down on the weights and do more cardio. I usually do 3 days cardio and 3 days power toning which is weights/BAT (butt, abs, thighs) so maybe I'll switch to doing more cardio and do just 1 day of weights. But I don't know what else I can do! This stupid weight gain and the no dairy thing is just about enough to send me over the edge! On the plus side, I was so mad this morning that I had a killer workout just releasing all that negative energy!

Last week-----This week
133.2---------- 134.9

I thought about shaving a couple ounces off that number because I feel so dumb, but if I'm not honest about this it's only going to hurt me more in the end. So there it is!

Here's a couple positive things that happened this week (just to make me feel better)
1. My instructor (who by the way is 7 mo. preggo and can kick every single one of our butts!) told me that for every 5 lbs of muscle mass you gain, you will burn 600 more calories in a 24 hour period!

2. One day this week as I was checking into the class an elderly gentleman (like 60's) said, "What are you doing here? You don't look like you need to be working out." ha ha...some men will be flirts until the day they die!

3. The eye doctor asked me how old my baby was and I told him Kylee was about 2 1/2 mo. He said, "Wow, you got your body back fast. Great work!" This is funny to me because he had no idea what I looked like before I was pregnant!

4. And last but not least, a backhanded compliment from my dear betrothed. Bobby was rubbing my shoulders and arms last night and said, "Oh wow, you really are getting stronger. I can really feel your muscles!" I said, "Whatever, shut up!" And he said, "No really, you were really flabby right here before." Bless his dear heart. When will he learn?

P.S. I'm giving this one more week and if I gain weight again...I don't know. I won't give up because I feel better than I have in a long time, but some heads might roll. Watch out!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Some Funnies

*We were at the eye doctor today and Bobby was at the desk paying for our contacts as I was filling out paperwork a couple feet away from him. Tyler was sitting next me and he turned to me and said, "Hey Babe!" Bobby turned around and said, "did you just tell mommy hey, babe?" He laughed and loudly said, "Yea! Hey BAABE!" Everybody in the lobby started cracking up laughing! Guess Bobby will have to find a new nickname for me or else people are going to think we have a very weird family!

*We were driving home and Tyler was being a little whiny...
Bobby: "Hey Tyler, if you stop whining I'll give you a present."
Tyler: "NO!"
Bobby: "You don't want a present?!"
Tyler: "No! No present, No nursery!" Then he starts to whimper, "I'm sad. I'm bad boy."
What kid openly admits that they're being bad and says they don't get a present for it! Silly kid.

What is going on?!

So Tyler has recently developed some sort of crazy social anxiety problem. He's always been shy, but this is taking it to a whole new level. It first started 2 Sun. ago when we took him to nursery and he literally clung to me and would not let me go. It was SO bizzare. Even his nursery leaders were like, what's going on with him? You'd think we beat him in here or something. It took us 10 min. of LOTS of coaxing and LOTS of distraction from awesome leaders to get him away from us so we could escape. Then in the middle of the week I took him into Bobby's work with me and some of the girls were trying to talk to him and he started to growl at them, his face turned all red and he held his breath until it looked like he was going to pass out. (Bryan, I know you remember this!!) It sounds really funny, but it's SO embarrasing for me because he's never like this! The more attention he got, the more intense and longer he did it. He's never been one to want the attention on him and is more comfortable hanging out in the background. Then several times throughout the week he would do it, and I noticed it was always in some sort of social situation where strangers would try to talk to him; the grocery store, resteraunt, the mall, etc. He acted the same way this Sun. when we took him to nursery and growled at one of the nursery leaders.

If I reprimand him for it he starts to cry, so I know that I'm hitting a sore spot and it has something to do with him being embarrased rather than him trying to be mean or something, so I don't get mad at him for it. But it's hard for me to talk him through it because he's not old enough to talk about feelings and really understand what they are, why he has them, and how he should control/present them. And I don't want him to feel like he can't express emotions or feelings or needs to be punished for having those feelings, but he does need to find a better way of expressing them. My mom gave me a good suggestion, which was to tell him whenever he's feeling like he wants to growl give him an idea of something else to do, something that distracts him from the feeling I guess. But I'm at a total loss and kind of worried. Any suggestions?

NOT a happy camper!

For the last several weeks about 95% of Kylee's poops have been a dark green color (they're supposed to be a mustardy yellow when you're breastfeeding) and then Sun. night she had blood in it. I wasn't really concerned because she pushes and grunts really hard when she has a bowel movement so I figured she just pushed a little too hard one time and got some blood with it. But then every one of her poops on Monday had blood in it also, so this morning we called the doctor to set up an appointment.

The verdict: Kylee has an allergy to milk. Something about how her stomach can't break down the proteins and it causes internal bleeding which comes out in her poop. This explains why she's had a pretty consistent rash on her stomach (which is what the doctor told us was due to craddle cap at her 2 mo. visit), green poo, and now the blood. The weird thing is, she was only fussy after I would eat somthing spicy so I had no indications that something like the dairy I was eating was bothering her. And I thought it was weird that the bleeding is just now showing up after 2 1/2 mo., but he said it's definitely been affecting her this whole time it's just now getting bad enough that the internal bleeding is coming out. I don't know..

So basically, no more dairy for me for the next oh...9 mo. The doctor even said Soy milk, soy cheese, soy ice cream etc. still usually has too much protein for the baby to be able to break down. Ugh! Yall don't even know how devestating this is for me. (Okay, I know there are people with much worse problems than not being able to eat dairy, but I need to be sad!) I LIVE off dairy foods. Every meal I eat has some form of dairy; yogurt, cheese, milk, chocolate, sour cream, alfredo sauce, ranch dressing, and so many more that I can't even think of right now! The doctor said than even ONE tiny milk chocolate chip can do it , so I really have to be careful. I would be all about switching to a special kind of formula for her, but it's like pulling teeth to get her to drink from a bottle.

The good news is that this shouldn't affect her for the rest of her life, just till she's about 1 when her stomach/digestive system is a little more developed and can break down the proteins correctly. Hey, and maybe less dairy will help with the weight loss thing. As long as I don't substitute all that dairy with carbs! ha ha!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I'm "decent"

I was walking into the Rec center last night to go to my "power toning" aerobics class and standing outside the front door were 3 teenage guys that looked about my brothers age (18). One of them said hi to me so I said hi back and right as the door was closing he turned to his friends and I heard him say, "she's decent." I thought it was so funny! I don't know if decent is an insult or a compliment-I guess it depends on the day-but yesterday I took it as a compliment. Hey, I'm a 25 year old mother of 2, with greasy hair (I hadn't washed my hair in 2 days) and NO make-up on. Decent...I'll take it!! Ha Ha!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday Weigh-in-week 1

Okay. So I've debated and debated and debated whether or not I should post this-well the specifics of this post-but decided that I've posted enough personal information about me that this really isn't a big deal. However, when I think about how many people read this blog-even people I might not know about-it's kind of intimidating, so I'm hoping it'll give me that extra motivation I need to really push myself to reach my goal.

It took less than 5 weeks for me to lose my baby weight with Tyler. I didn't do anything special, besides nursing, it just floated off. I fully expected things to work the same way this time, but here we are 9 weeks later and I still have 10 more pounds to lose. After about 4 weeks I just stopped losing weight and haven't been able to since and I'm SO SICK of it! I just feel gross! Thankfully it's freezing cold here so I can use that as an excuse to wear a sweatshirt everyday, but I'm getting sick of rotating through the 4 sweatshirts I own-well that, and the fact that our laundry bill is starting to go up-so here we go! Time to lose weight! Don't worry I'm not doing this to fish for compliments (although feel free :) ) because I know I'm not "fat", I just don't feel like myself and I hate that. I just want to feel good about myself again. This is by far THE single most embarrasing thing I've ever done because I HATE talking about my weight and now I'm going to be broadcasting it to the entire world weekly, but I need something to give me that extra push to roll out of bed in the morning and knowing that all of you will be "watching" me will hopefully do the trick!

So how do I go about accomplishing this? I don't want to get a gym membership because 1)we can't afford one 2) I have no idea how to use gym equipment 3) I'm completely unmotivated and would never make myself go work out 4)I have no idea how many reps of everything you're supposed to do and would call it good after 3 sets of 1 per week. 5) It would be a waste of money because the only thing I would need it for would be the classes. The one positive: daycare so you can work out whenever it's convenient for you! Unfortunately, I need something that will push me, that will tell me not to quit. I'm all about someone telling me I'm doing great-even when I'm not- and says, "okay just 8 more you can do it!" Hmmm... who would this person be? A personal trainer! Oh wait, I can't afford one. Okay back to square one.

Oh the rec center would be perfect because they have aerobics classes-with motivating instructors- that you can pay for individually (2$ per class). Problem? No daycare. Back to square one.

Work out at home. Problem? No room. Tyler all over me. Neighbors underneath us. No one to tell me I'm doing great. Back to square one. (Is this getting old yet?!)

Okay, let's rethink our options. The best one would be the $2 aerobics class, but the only ones I could go to (since 1)they don't have daycare 2)I'm nursing so I have to work around that schedule 3) Bobby's work schedule and, 4)we just have one car) would be 5:45 am or 7:30 pm. Hmmm....7:30 won't work because that's when we start getting Tyler ready for bed and I can't miss that every night. Guess it's going to have to be 5:45.

AHHHH Im SO tired! Even though the rec center's only about 10 min. away (well 15 on mornings that the roads are icy and I have to drive 20 mph to get there) I have to be up by 5:00 to pump a bottle for Bobby to feed the baby in case she wakes up to eat while I'm gone. Now this might not be a big deal to some of you but I am NOT NOT NOT a morning person-especially with those late baby nights. I love my sleep and it is so hard to get out of bed when it is dark and cold and I have to go scrape ice and snow off my car at 5:30 in the morning. Okay so it's not that bad. Tues. and Thur. I go to their 6:30 pm class because Bobby doesn't have to work, but MWF (and every other Sat) I get to wake up bright and early. Wish I could say after class I'm all energized and ready to go for the day, but I'm not! I'm tired, and I want to go back to bed, and I can barely walk because my legs are shaking from doing lunges across the floor all morning. I hate it!!! I've only been doing this for 2 weeks though so maybe my body just needs to adjust. Ahhhh, the joys of childbearing.

Well now that I've fully vented and feel LOTS better, here are the details. I took my starting weight last Sun. (3/1) and will do a "weigh in" every Wed. from here on out and post the results-good or bad. (I was going to do it every sun., but they're just too hectic in the mornings here so I decided to do it mid-week instead.)

Starting Weight-3/1

Week 1 (and a half)-3/11
I know this isn't a lot , but I'm happy because it's the first time I've lost any weight in 5 weeks! I might add measurements too if I can find a tape measure around here...

Goal: 123 (pre baby weight) by 07/01 (family vacation). So that gives me 4 mo. to lose about 10 lbs. I've never had any weight loss goals before so that's kind of a shot in the dark, but I hope that's a realistic goal. (any opinions?) After that I'll shoot for pre-wedding weight- I don't remember the exact number, but it was somewhere between 115-120.

Wow, it kind of feels good to have it all out in the open now...kind of! Wish me luck!

Oh, and I should give my friend MaryBeth the credit for this. I got this idea from her because she so bravely posts her weight loss weekly, and I thought it would be a great motivator for me as well, so thank you MB for the idea! (well, maybe thank you...this might be a huge embarrassment for me!)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kylee's blessing weekend-Sun.

Okay here are the rest of the pictures from Kylee's blessing, some of you may have already seen these on my mom's blog, but I think I have a few on here that she didn't post. Most of these will probably only be interesting to my family because...well because they're just pictures of us (ha ha) but I guess that's why we all blog anyway right? :)

The Nelson kiddos

The whole fam

The Bricker clan

Bobby was SO annoyed that we were taking pictures...

...hence the reason we couldn't get a decent shot of just the three of us. He refused to smile for any more pictures! C'mon Bobby this is for posterity!!!

Thanks to all those that came to Kylee's blessing and stayed after to "munch and mingle" with us!!

Nate giving Kylee kisses goodbye. He is SUCH a sweet boy!

Tyler saying bye to Alisa and Nate

Michael (Jana and Adam's little boy) loved to give Tyler kisses, but Tyler is really weird about having people come into his personal space. Don't take it personally Michael, Tyler doesn't even like me to give him kisses!

These are just some pictures my mom took of Kylee and me. Thanks for taking such great pics mom, I'll have to print some of these!

I was SOOO in love with her dress (thanks mom!!!). The reason I fell in love with it was because it was so similar to my wedding dress and she looked like the prettiest princess there ever was!

Thanks again to my family and the Pilkington's for driving for many many hours to come share this special day with us!! (and of course those of you who drove a couple blocks-we love yall too! :) )

Monday, March 9, 2009


*As I'm getting him out of his car-seat to go into the mall.
Mom: "Okay Tyler we're here are you ready to go play?"
Tyler: "Whatever." (while rolling eyes)

*While Bobby and I were trying to have a conversation in the kitchen.
Tyler: "Mommy? Mommy? MOOOmmy? MOOOOMMMMY?!" (with increasing volume)
Mom: "What Tyler?!"
T: "Mommy, I have question."
M: "You have a question?"
T: "Yes, I have question."
M: "What's your question?"
T: "I don't know. I just have question."

*After he puked up his lunch because he didn't want to eat it. (he will make himself gag and then throw up when he doesn't want to eat something. I can't even begin to tell you how frustrating this is for me-this happens about once a week.)
Mom: "UGH! Tyler I am so mad at you! GRRRR!"
Tyler: "Mommy, you Ogar."
M: "I'm an Ogar?"
T: "Yea, you Ogar. UGHHHHH!"

*Tyler tries to climb up ANYTHING that is at an incline-whether it's possible to climb or not.
Mom: "Tyler that's not a ladder, you can't climb that."
Tyler: "Boys can climb it."

*When Tyler turned 2 we started doing time-outs with him, and sometimes when he gets sent to time out he'll try to get up and play with his toys, or he'll ask to watch Blues clues and I'll say, Tyler you're in trouble right now, that means no TV and no toys. The other night I was apologizing to him for not being patient with him.
Mom: "Tyler, I'm sorry I yelled at you, I shouldn't have done that, that was wrong of me."
Tyler: "You trouble. No TV, No toys, No bath!" (no bath?!)

*When I think Tyler might have a present in his pants, I 'll say, "Tyler do you have poopy bums?" and he'll always say, "nope, I clean bum." The other day I said, "I have to go potty, I'll be right back." He walked into the bathroom just as I was flushing the toilet and said, "Mom, you haves clean bum!"

These are all I remember from the past week, but I'm sure there are more. He sure does keep us laughing these days!

Friday, March 6, 2009

My feelings today

All I can say is...

do they make muzzles for children?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Kylee's blessing weekend-Sat.

This past Sunday we blessed Kylee and were fortunate enough to have ALL of my family come up for it. It's not very often anymore that we all get to be together, so we really appreciated everyone making the LONG drive to come for the weekend. Since I went a little camera crazy this weekend, I decided to divide this post into 2-Saturday and Sunday.

Here's what happened Sat.:
Most of the family got to meet Kylee for the first time, including my dad...

Then we went to Chilis for lunch-yum!!

I meant to take a picture of just Amanda and Alena but ended up getting 5 out 7 people in the family in it.

Then it was back to our house to let the kids stretch their legs and let our stomach's settle.

So what I've found is that Tyler only smiles for pictures when Alena is around. Hmmm...

And he saves a few for Amanda as well!

The sisters...

Then we got bored...
(Alisa-Tyler was watching me post this and he said, "mommy, Aweesa crazy!")

Get ready...

Get ready...

...and Pose!

Mamaw (grandma) was taking care of Kylee

We heard the little boys laughing so went in to see what was going on...

This is how you fit 12 people in our apartment (Alisa was somewhere)...

Then it was time for Tyler to open bday presents from my family. Nate tried to take every single one of them before Tyler could open them, and Tyler would just let him. Then he'd look up at me like, ok mom what are you going to do about that?! Ha Ha!

Goodnight Moon Book

Backyardigans Memory Game-

Animal Sounds thingy (thanks a lot mom-that's not annoying at all) :)

What did Auntie Alisa get you?

Tonka Truck thing

Kylee was just being her cute, happy self!

She snuggled right up to Auntie Amanda!

Then we went to a place called The Fun Park where they had bowling, skating, laser tag, a HUGE jungle gym thing, and arcade games. We had lots of fun playing around, trying to beat one another at air hockey, dance dance revolution and bowling. Nate and Tyler would have been just fine playing all night in the jungle gym.

Cutie pie Nate smiling for Grandma

There's just something about a man with a gun that's so hot-even if it's fake!

Ah, too bad! (referring to the Game Over flashing on the screen)

Who has the hottest body at Pineview High School? That's (Yes, Ty did get voted best body of his high school)

Tyler and Nate playing with the bats their daddy's won for them with all their tickets from the night.

After this it was back home for bed to get ready for Sunday!