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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Well this isn't going to be the post that I was planning on making, but I need to start posting or else I'm going to forget all the other things that have been happening on a day-to-day basis in our lives. I've been wanting to take the time to write Kylee's birth story, but haven't had the time it would take to write about everything I want to, so I've been putting off blogging until I felt like I had the time-probably not going to happen any time soon. So, I'll try to start posting more regularly again and just do short, quick ones (which I'm sure are more appreciated by yall as the readers!) to keep everyone updated, as well as have something written down for our family to remember what's going on during this time.

I really thought that I was going to be a great "picture taking" mom, but that is so not the case. I've probably taken a total of 20 pictures in the last 3 weeks versus the over 200 pictures I took of Tyler in his first 3 weeks. I promise I love her just as much, I just hardly ever remember to grab the camera and take pictures. I wouldn't even remember my own name most days, but luckily I have Tyler to remind me what it is. (For some odd reason he's taken to calling us Bobby and Angela instead of mom and dad. He thinks he is so funny-but that's a whole 'nother post.)

Life is getting easier, but I still feel so far disconnected from myself it's ridiculous. (And why isn't this baby weight flying off like it did last time?! I swear I'm not doing anything different-I'm even eating better AND more active than I was after Tyler, ugh!) I'm less patient with Tyler than I should be, I treat him like he's older than he is because I have a "real" baby now, and compared to Tyler, I feel like Kylee gets hardly any bonding time with me because I feel guilty for snuggling her when Tyler's awake because I feel like he needs me more. I shouldn't even get started on the guilt part though because I could go on and on.( Does that ever go away?!) I've learned that I can do LOTS of things one-handed: cook dinner, eat dinner, force feed Tyler dinner, do my hair/make-up, use the computer, read to Tyler, do dishes, fold laundry, make the bed, etc. Which brings me to my next issue-Kylee is so high maintenance! If she's awake, she has to be held. She normally will only fall asleep if she's in someones arms, and every once in awhile the swing. This is unbelievably frustrating for me because Tyler was completely the opposite; he wanted to fall asleep on his own (since the time he was her age), was more comfortable laying by himself than being held, and NEVER fussed. If she's awake, and not being held, 90% of the time she is crying. Sometimes I let her just lay there and cry, but sometimes-especially in a house as small as ours where you just cannot escape the noise-it starts to make my head hurt and I feel myself going crazy so I pick her up. She's not colicky or anything just a little miss priss! Hmmm...wonder where she got that.

Tyler is doing a lot better with her. When we first came home from the hospital he was completely indifferent to her. He's never been mean or angry towards her, just ignores her as if she doesn't exist. This past week he's really started to warm up to her, and even though he still doesn't ever ask to hold her, or try to play with her, or talk about/to her, if we ask him if he wants to hold her he will say yes instead of no (which is what he would always say), he will give her kisses during the day if I ask him if he wants to (and voluntarily at night before bed), and just today he sat down and "read" her a book because I asked him too. If her pacifier is anywhere in sight, he always tries to put it in her mouth whether she's sleeping, awake or crying. Oh well, at least he doesn't put it in his own mouth! I've also noticed this week that if Tyler doesn't think I'm watching he'll just walk up next to her and watch her, but as soon as he sees me looking he'll walk away like he doesn't care about her. Silly boy.

Well, I guess this was my idea of a "short" post, but yall know me and know that I can't ever really write anything short because I'm just too wordy, but whatever at least I'm posting! ha ha! Here are a few pictures from the past couple weeks. I know there's not a lot, but this is everything I've taken-I wasn't kidding about not being a good picture mom!

Reading to Tyler (neither one of us had any idea Bobby was taking this cause I wouldn't have let him. trust me I was pretty out of it!)

Here's the proof (that I was out-of-it...ahhh, look how tired I look. Now yall can feel bad for me :))

Tyler was eating his "after nap snack" and Bobby laid Kylee on Tyler's lap to see what he would do. He was watching Max and Ruby and just glanced down at her for a second and went right back to watching his show like it was the most normal thing for her to be there.

I left to put the camera down and walked back over to the couch and he had placed his hand on her arm and was patting it. It was so sweet I had to run back and get the camera!

I just think it's so funny that he wants us to think he couldn't care less about her!

So when I asked Tyler to read to her so I could wash the dishes he said, "okay mom, sure." Sat down, and plopped the book right on top of her.

I said, "Oh Tyler, don't put it on her, you have to sit next to her and show her the pictures." He rolled his eyes (really he does this) and said-very forlornly-, "O-tay". (doesn't he just look thrilled!)

This was one of those times he was watching her and didn't know I was looking.

I had been smothering him with kisses and here he was saying, "mom stop!"

I just love him! (and his doggone eyelashes that curl all the way up to his eyebrows-makes me sick!)

Well that's all for now, Tyler is awake from his nap calling me to come get him. And yes, he is saying, "Angela!" with differing degrees of volume, over and over. Thanks SO much to all of you that have voted for Tyler's picture on Heather's blog, yall are awesome!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Please Vote!

The wonderful photographer, Heather Taylor, that took our family pictures last March is doing a 2008 Year in Review Contest where she picked one photo from every session she did in 2008 and is having a contest for the favorite photo, and the top 3 wining photos will receive really good prizes. The photo she selected from our session is one of Tyler and I love it, so if anyone and everyone who reads this blog will click here and vote for photo #11 (you can vote once every day until Sat. Jan 31 so feel free to vote everyday :)) I would really appreciate it because I would love to win one of the prizes!! You just vote by leaving the photo number you want to vote for in her comments. Thanks guys!

And I promise I will update soon, things are coming along a lot more smoothly now I just need to upload some photos!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Kylee impromptu photo shoot

First I just have to say, how in the world do you moms do this?! I feel like I'm in so far over my head. Having one newborn was SO easy compared to a newborn and a toddler and I don't see how you guys with more than one kid ever have time to be on the computer. For the first time this week I've been able to check my email, blog, etc. because Bobby took Tyler to church and Kylee decided to take a nap. I'm sure things get easier once everybody's back on a schedule, but right now I'm just trying to do everything I can so that Bobby doesn't have to go buy me some crazy pills! I mean, it's a really good day if I get a chance to shower-and even still I don't have time to do hair or makeup or anything, just shower. Seriously, how do you people do this?! Sorry, not trying to complain because I LOVE being a mom and would take it any day over a shower, I just need to get my groove back I guess. It doesn't help that it is grey, snowy and freezing cold here EVERY day so I never get to leave the house; I think I have Cabin Fever bad! I made Bobby take us out to McDonald's yesterday for dinner just so I could get out for 30 min. I know that this precious newborn stage doesn't last forever so I really need to soak up every minute I can with her, while at the same time trying not to completely ignore Tyler, and it helps when I focus on that rather than all the things I can't do right now.

Anyway, the first few pictures are just random ones we've taken and the last ones are from the last day my mom was here and she took some fun pictures of Kylee for her first photo shoot; I love them!

Yes I'm aware that she is sleeping in all of them. ha ha!

This is where her hands usually are when she sleeps.

I couldn't figure out how to get this one to turn right, but I love it because you can really see her big, full lips and her head full of dark hair!

So sweet...

...and not so sweet! Actually, I told Bobby to be sweet to her and this is what he did first.

Photo shoot time!

This was our picture of Tyler on daddy's arm and I love it because you can see how much Tyler and Kylee look alike! The second she was born Bobby and I both said at the same time, "She looks exactly like Tyler!" She has the same chin, mouth, nose and eyes (shape), but has darker hair and skin, so I have a feeling her eyes will be brown instead of blue.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Kylee: Day 1-Day 3

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that this post will have way too many pictures, but it's easier to just post them all than to have to go through them and decide which ones to post. For now I'll just post all the pictures and tell about her "story" and her first doctor visit later.

But just in the way of updating: We've been home since Wed. and she is so much fun to have! Tyler has taken to her okay and we've only had a few uncharacteristic outburst from him. Each day he seems to be getting back to his normal, sweet, Tyler self and he loves to help by putting in her pacifier and telling her "it's okay" when she cries. The first night home was the best as she only woke up once to eat, but the last couple nights have been...let's just say sleepless. I'm trying to take naps during the day while I have the chance (my mom's here to watch Tyler) but the tiredness just never seems to go away. Bobby and I tried to remind ourselves last night that there's only a couple months of this and then we might finally get some sleep. Thankfully Tyler has been sleeping beautifully and never wakes up when she cries during the night AND has been sleeping till about 9:00 in the morning which has been a huge blessing! Feedings are going really well and she seems to be gaining weight as she should (she was back to her birth weight-after losing 5 oz. in the hospital-by her 5 day check up with the doctor), and hasn't had any problems with jaundice (which we were really worried about since Tyler had it so bad). Kylee seems to be just as excited as I was for her to check out of Hotel Uterus because she loves to have her legs completely out-stretched at all times! It's so funny to me because most newborns keep there legs all curled up next to their bodies because that's how they're used to being positioned in the womb, but not Kylee. She is all about getting the most out of her new-found freedom! A big thanks to all of you for your kind notes and congrats, it's nice to have so many friends and so much support at his time!

Now, on to my armful of yummyness!

Just after she was born

Daddy got to give her the first bath

All clean and purdy

Daddy keeping with tradition doing the first diaper change (well, it's a tradition now)


My babies!

Maybe next time lets wipe the cheetos and chocolate pudding off the kids face before we take a picture!

Man, what a stud!

Day 3-going home!

My baby burrito ready to go!

Well, that's just the beginning, so if I find some "free" time over the next couple days where I'm not too delirious, I'll post the rest of the 100 pictures we've taken. :)