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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Dino Bash of the Year!


Dinosaurs discovered in LOGAN!! Come and join in the discovery at our cave at 5:00 on Feb. 20th.

Please don't be extinct!

That information was detailed on the back of this piece of paper:

and then rolled up and placed inside a dinosaur egg (easter egg) with candy and handed out for the invitations. (I didn't take a picture of everything put together :( )

Then we found these in our driveway:

So we figured we better post one of these in the yard to let anyone coming to the party know to beware!

Some crazy dino balloons

*Thanks to Ellen (my friend from Houston, my college roommate, my hairdresser, my loyal friend who drove up from South Jordan to come :)) for taking ALL the rest of these pictures at the party so I could just enjoy myself!!*

We started off with some face painting (thanks to Ellen's husband Cameron) of cool dinosaurs:

Jake Johnson



Tyler entertaining everyone with "Skibby" the snake while we waited for everyone's faces to get painted



Then we played a little 'Pin the Horn on the Triceratops'-thanks to my friend ashlie for making that:)

Tyler was annoyed that he couldn't see with the "blindfold", so he took it off...

Choosing their prizes

Then dinner was ready so we dived into some Brontosaurus burgers, Dino dogs, an herbivore platter, Dino bones (pretzel sticks), Fossil Fries(potato chips), Dino eggs (malt easter candies), and Lava Juice (Hawaiian punch-the white stuff on top of the juice is from the dry ice:))

From here on out, every picture of Tyler will include a handsome red mustache!

Then it was on to the cake and ice cream. Bobby and I stayed up till 1:00am the night before making this masterpiece, only to have Tyler say, "I don't know what it is." when we asked him. Wonderful. :)

*notice the book Jurassic Poop in the background on the windowsill. Hilarious! Thanks to ashlie and Jon who brought a whole caseload of dinosaur books from the library to help me decorate!*

His friends sure did spoil him, even though we said *no gifts* on the invitations! But of course he loved opening presents! This one happens to be a Thomas the Train Bath set from Mindy, Royce and Macey...

Then we played a couple more games before everyone went home:

Dino Bones Bowling...

And Dinosaur Ring toss...

Kylee trying to get Tyler to "ring a dino", but he was too interested in his cool new toys to play some dumb old carnival game his mom made! :)

Everyone got to take home a bag of dinosaur treats-dino fruit snacks, stickers, plastic dinosaurs, dino eggs, etc.-with their new dinosaur name (ex. Jake- was Jakeosaurs Rex, Kate-Kateratops, etc.), and a dino bone (small dog bone) attached to the bag.
I think Ellen was trying to get a picture of the dinosaur decor, but off in the right corner you can sort of see the party favors. (I didn't even think to take a picture of them)

We were SOOO sad when we remembered hours after everybody left that we had forgotten to set off the volcano Bobby had made for the party! We're just going to save it until Tyler needs it for a school project one day :)

Thanks to everyone who came and helped us celebrate Tyler's birthday! (the Ellet's, the Fackrell's, The Dana's, the Morgan's (well Kelsey, not so much Josh), The McLaughlin's, and The Johnson's) We had so much fun celebrating his special day with you!

Happy Birthday (again) Tyler!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Birthday fun!

Well my little buddy turned 3 yesterday! We were able to celebrate his birthday by Bobby and I taking him to his FIRST movie-The Princess and the Frog! (I know it's a princess movie, there aren't any other kid movies out right now)

He was in heaven and was glued to the screen the entire time; besides the occasional, "Wow!" comments and whispers to me of, "ohhhh, there's the wicked witch!" (The evil man in the movie was dubbed the W.W.). He had his own cup of popcorn and pink lemonade and thought that was about the greatest thing ever. After the movie was over he said, "okay, they will push play so we can watch it again." We had to explain to him that it's different than at home, we had to pay for this movie and if we wanted to watch it again we needed to pay them more money. He said, "okay, you can pay them I will just stay right here." ha ha. He loved it!

The next night we took him to Firehouse Pizza for his bday dinner. (he actually chose Texas Roadhouse-he loves to shell the peanuts and throw them on the floor, but we didn't have time to wait)

On the way home we let him open his card from his Grandma Olson (he couldn't wait till we got home!) who gave him $3 since he's turning 3! He was so excited when he saw it and said, "money for me!!!". When we got home he got to open his present from Grandma (my mom) that had come in the mail.

More train tracks and bridges for his train that he got for Christmas!

And a fun Dr. Seuss book!

Thanks to all who called, texted, commented and sent cards. We are very lucky to have so many people that love our little boy! We're having his Dinosaur bash on Sat. so lots more fun will be posted later this weekend!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday my little 3 year old!

Our Pink and Red day!

So I'm sure you know by now, I L-O-V-E holidays! All holidays. The older my kids get the more fun they are cause there's more stuff we can do!

We started our day of LOVE off with a pink breakfast of pink pancakes, eggs and milk...should have thought the eggs through a little more. they sort of just looked like brain matter. I think I watch too much Bones. Anyway, it was fun!

Then while daddy was giving the kids a bath, Cupid left them a trail of hearts to follow throughout the house leading them to their Valentine from Him!

It said, "Tyler & Kylee, Follow the trail of hearts to find your valentine." Love, Cupid

The last hearts said-Red: Tyler look for the red heart/Pink: Kylee look for the pink heart

Tyler was so excited that he had found his and Kylee's valentines.

...but was pretty happy to hand it over

They were just sitting next to each other shaking their candies as fast as they could and laughing their heads off.

silly kids!

Then we gave them their valentines that their grandma's sent. Grandma made them each super cute cards and the traditional heart suckers!

Grandma Luci sent them a sweet card with a $1 for each of them!

After church we made chocolate covered strawberries! SO YUMMY! (notice our homemade double boiler)

Maybe next year Kylee can help instead of just watch :)

Then we got our roses from our boys! (Tyler gives one to me and Bobby gives one to Kylee)

Often Tyler will let me lay on his lap while he'll play with my hair which can be so relaxing. This time he was pretending my hair was a rocket ship and was blasting into the sky. Not so relaxing.

Apparently Kylee thought this would be a good opportunity to steal my bow!

Little thief!

After the kids went to bed Bobby and I had a nice steak candlelit dinner... our jammies!