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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Easter!

Since we came home from St. George just a two days before Easter, our Easter was pretty simple and low key. I didn't even put any decorations out this year! *gasp* I know! I'm telling you, LOW KEY. Dyed some eggs, did an egg hunt in the backyard and found Easter baskets. I don't even think we had an "Easter" dinner this year...if I'm remembering correctly we had cereal for dinner. Ha Ha! AND I don't even have any pictures of their Easter outfits for church. Am I the lamest mom ever or what?! Oh Well, maybe I'll get my act together next year. :)


Not even an Easter basket to put their eggs in?! At least it was just the back yard...

Tyler was excited the Easter bunny brought him Chutes and Ladders, a Frisbee, some bubbles and some candy.

Kylee was beyond excited, as you can see from her...I'm so excited I'm speechless and can only make my eyes as big as they can get and stare directly at you face, to get Angelina Ballerina memory game, some princess bubbles, a pink Frisbee and candy.

I'm thankful and proud to be apart of a membership of people who truly believe in not only the religion they preach, but in the importance of living that religion. As members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we want, and try, to live what we preach and know to be true every day. This means that as we go throughout our day we try to do things that will bring the spirit of peace and love into our homes and lives, that we do things to remember Christ, and we find small, simple ways to worship him and show our thanks for his sacrifice for us. As we celebrate Easter and Christmas during the year and emphasis is placed on remembering the Savior, the Atonement and his life, we can draw even closer to him. I'm grateful for the knowledge I have of the gospel and that I can use the hope and strength I draw from it everyday-not just on Sundays or holidays-but I am truly grateful for the focus the Easter and Christmas holidays bring to help me reflect more deeply on what those particular parts of the gospel have done for me, and make me want to draw more closely to Him.

Family Pictures

Since we were all-together back in March when Ty came home, it was a great time to get family pictures done-especially since we have, are you ready for this....NEVER have had a family picture taken. What?! I know, so it was time. :) Left-Skyler, Alisa, Bailey and Nate Middle-Amanda, mom&dad, Alena and Ty Right-Kylee, me, Bobby and Tyler. 

My parents and us crazy kids...all growed up. So weird. I still see all my siblings in my mind as the same ages that they were when I left home for college. Does anybody else do that?!  

And since we were gettin' pics done, I figured I might as well snag a few of my little fam since the hubby gives me ONE family picture time a year. He absolutely detests getting family pictures. DETESTS. Ha ha :)  

 And just because I have THE most gorgeous sisters on the planet...I'm so lucky to have ALL 3 of my sisters be just as gorgeous on the inside as they are on the out. Love them!  

Alisa's family-cutest family EVER!

How sweet are these kids?!?! (anybody else see that glint of mischievousness in Mr. Nate's eyes?! ha ha!)

I love us!

Aren't they lookin' GOOD?!

I just love that in every picture with Kylee she has her left hand up on her hip...I guess she's seen her mom and aunts taking a few pictures...ha ha!

Love. Love. Love. and then Love some more. 

Ha Ha...there are no words needed. The whole pic just kinda speaks for itself. :)

So cute! Seriously...the cutest parents ever!

I just love Alisa with dark hair, she looks BEAUTIFUL here!

 All the girlies!

One boy, with all these sisters...he's going to make one AMAZING husband-trust me. We've been 
training him for awhile ;). 

Hopefully we won't wait another 28 years to get a family picture! We're gaining a brother-in-law in a couple months so we'll have to update relatively soon right?! *congrats AMANDA!!!* :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Elder Nelson comes home!

My brother Ty left for his mission to Spokane Washington on Mar. 17th 2010 (st. patrick's day).

 He returned home Mar. 19, 2012 and we were SO excited to see him!

 The kids and I headed down to St. George a few days before Ty came home, so we had fun celebrating St. Patrick's day with Grandma, Alena, Amanda, Alisa, Nate and Bailey.

Grandma did a FUN scavenger hunt for the kiddos that lead them to their...

...treasures of Gold!!

That night we headed to Krave for dessert-a St. George favorite. We can't ever leave without a little Krave being had once (or twice :) ), during our visits!
(Tyler, Amanda, Nate, Kylee)

Mom was SO excited to have Ty coming home, and having our whole family back together again for the first time in 3 years, she got a little weepy before Ty's plane even arrived. :)

Everybody waiting patiently...
Grandma Olsen, Bailey and Kylee

Tyler and Amanda

The St. George airport is very small so they let you just wait right by the door where they walk in from walking off the plane. When we saw Ty's plane arrive, everybody was glued to the windows just hoping to be the first to catch a glimpse of him. The kids lined up with their welcome home signs to be the first to greet him.

Mom was the first to hug him and I don't think she let go for a few minutes. :)

Everybody, including my grandparents who also live in St. George, was able to be there for Ty except for Bobby who was in the middle of mid-terms :(.

Ty has such a GREAT group of loving and supportive friends and it was fun to see them all at the airport to welcome him home as well.

We love our Uncle Ty!!!

The weather in St. George was Awesome in March, so we had lots of fun outdoor days at the park by my mom's house. They LOVE rolling down this hill!

We had LOTS of races! They even made Alisa and I join in on the fun :)

And after the kiddos go to bed, it's games games games! And of course a little chips and salsa!!

Uncle Ty was fun before his mission, but in two years he matured...a LOT :), and the kids are absolutely in love with him. He paid special attention to all of them the whole time we were here and they loved playing and wrestling with him.

A little down time after a long day playing in the sun and water.

Since we were down there for so long, mom also put a fun Easter egg hunt together for the kids.

After they found all their eggs, grandma said the Easter Bunny had left them some Easter baskets they were supposed to hunt and find as well!

First they had to skip...

...then they had to hop...

...then they had to crawl...

...and lastly they had to quietly sneak to...

...the hiding place!

Grandma is SO fun!!

One day we had a girls day and checked Alena out of school to take her to lunch! Love my sistas!

My mom was just starting to get her garden ready when we were there, so she let the kids come out and help her plant and water.

Little gardeners :)

We were talking in the kitchen one afternoon and the kids were quiet-that NEVER happens (besides the time Tyler drew all over his face with Alena's mascara), but when we went to check on them they were being so good sitting on the couch reading together.

Ahhhh, we LOVE being in St. George and spending time with family! We're so happy that Ty is home, but more importantly that he chose to serve the Lord for 2 years and was able to bring so many people happiness through our Savior Jesus Christ. We are grateful for his example of dedication and love for others and miss his inspiring letters home every week. I loved having 2 siblings out serving missions and know that our family has been blessed through their actions. But it is dang good to have him home! :)