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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My little Trick 'r Treaters!!

***This might look like the same post I put up on my other blog, but there's lots more pictures here :) ***

Are you sick of chocolate yet?! Nope. Me neither. These two had a BLLLAST this year trick or treating! Last year it was really cold and rainy so they only lasted about one block. This year the weather was sunshine glowing, fall leaves crunching, cool breeze whispering, perfection! My little Kylee had to be drug from house to house last year, and this year after every house would say, "One more house mama!!"

This boy lives and breathes spiderman every day of his life, so it wasn't too hard for him to get into character. :)

I think she pretty much rocked her skeleton princess costume! :)

Some candid Tyler and kylee shots...These pictures are the epitome of my everyday life. No joke...

1. "Kylee hold my hand so I can help you" "um ya...probably not"
2. Crime fighting duo
3.tough guy/gal
4.Tyler stealing lime light...Kylee not happy about it
5. Giving him a good punch in the chest (After he asked for it b/c his "big muscles can take it") and being really happy about it :)

After ringing the doorbell, and waiting in eager anticipation on the porch-their baskets held right in front of them, the words "trick or treat?!?!" right on the tip of their tounge-Tyler would lean over and whisper excitedly to Kylee, "Ky, are you having SO much fun?!" and she would whisper back, "YES!" and nod enthusiastically. They were so fun to watch this year! And they made out like bandits in the candy department. :) We took them trick- or- treating in an older neighborhood and those grandma's and grandpa's just ate them up!

I hope your Halloween was full of candy and laughter too!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Kylee's Halloween Costume

I finally finished Kylee's Halloween costume and posted all the details on the making of her skeleton princess costume on my Love Sweet Love blog if you're interested!

Lots of updates coming soon! :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Shamlessly begging for your votes AGAIN! (please?!)

This was the project I submitted for the 3rd round of American Crafter today and if you have a second I would LOVE it if you could vote for me ONE more time (voting goes thru sun night). This time only 3 people move on to the FINALS!! I have the smallest blog by far out of all 6 contestants that are left so I could really use as many votes as possible! Thanks for being the best friends ever! :)
I have SO much in my life to be grateful for (like being in round 3 of American Crafter-Eeeeek- Thank you for your votes last week)! And I love that, due to Thanksgiving, the month of November is a time specifically focused on showing gratitude for the amazing blessings in our lives.

Using the theme hands, I came up with an advent calendar that would help my kiddos be grateful for the MANY things their little hands can do. Being that it's Thanksgiving, I decided to create a turkey calendar-using a pumpkin mod podged in fabric, and a gourd-for the base, and used our hands to be the feathers. Dad's and Mom's hands are the the larger feathers that were cut out of craft foam and covered in fabric. My two kids' hands were cut straight onto fabric and sewn onto the larger hands. This way it's a very special, literal reminder, to ALL the members of our family that...Together, OUR hands can help YOUR hands create, explore, serve, celebrate, and show gratitude-the 5 different category's for the month. I then sewed a line between each of their little fingers to create the pockets to hold the "hand" activity for that day that corresponds to that weeks category. And of course, the BEST part about any advent calendar is the candy, so using twine I tied a tootsie roll to each finger for a treat once the activity for that day has been completed!

Click HERE to vote. The voting poll is on the upper right hand side of the page and I'm contestant #5. THANK you! ( can find all the details and 24 activities on my craft blog HERE)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Thank you friends!!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for those of you who voted for me in the American Crafter competition! I came in 3rd out of 10 which means I get to move on to the next round!! There are now 6 ladies left and this week's theme is FABRIC!

I'm SO excited to see what the other 5 amazing women come up with for this round. Sewing is NOT my forte so I'm pretty nervous, but I'm excited about the project I'm doing and if nothing else, I'm thankful this competition kicked my booty in a creative gear I haven't pushed myself into before! Thanks again for your votes, I soooo appreciate it!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Vote for me Again {PLEEEEASE!} :)

Soooo, I'm back again for round 2 of the American Crafter competition! This rounds theme was House of Order!

For this round I decided to make some little vintage storage crates for all year round. I would super duper love it if you could take a moment and go HERE to vote for them!! :) PLUS, if you're looking for some order for your home, you are not going to want to miss the other 9 projects; those ladies have got it going on!!

You can check out the quick and simple version here, but if you want all the nitty-gritty, behind-the-scene views, you'll want to check it out on my craft blog here.

It would mean so so much to me if you could take a quick sec to vote! Voting will go through Sunday night 8 pm and I'm contestant #3. :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Family Home Evening ideas

I'm always on the lookout for new family home evening ideas, so I thought I'd share what we've been doing and what has really worked for us the past couple months. For about 2 years I used the nursery manual and each Monday night we just did a quick 5 min. lesson from the manual. It was perfect for our family with Tyler still being in nursery and Kylee being just a baby because the lessons were geared towards exactly what they needed. About 6 weeks ago we finished the manual for the third time so we thought it'd be a good time to change things up! Now that Tyler is well out of nursery and Kylee will be in primary in January, the nursery lessons are a little too young for them. Tyler needs way more interactive lessons and activities and Kylee needs to start practicing sitting and listening for longer periods of time.

I am a planner. I like to know what's going on, when and what I need to be prepared for. Using the nursery manual was easy in this way...lesson #1 then lesson #2, etc. Simple. I always knew what I was doing and only needed to spend a few minuets preparing. So in switching things up, I still wanted our FHE's to be easy to plan, in that I would know what I was going to be doing every week without spending hours on the internet Monday afternoon looking for ideas for that night. After talking to Bobby, we decided that the best thing for our family (considering their ages and likes and interests) would be to work through the Book of Mormon Stories starting with 1 Nephi and ending with the stories in Moroni. Using the Book of Mormon stories Beginning Reader, I went through and made up a 3 month (Sept.-Nov.) outline of lessons for each Mon. night.

I then made a list of different activities we could do that could work with any lesson (role playing, treasure hunt, balloon popping game, bubble activities, etc.). This way when Mon. rolls around I look at the lesson we're doing, pick an activity off the list and print off any pictures I need, gather supplies, make a quick crafty thing, etc. to prepare for that night. It usually takes about 30 min. to get everything together and our family home evenings have been a HIT! I often catch the kids playing "family home evening time." and tyler actually had a meltdown because it was thursday last week and he wanted to have FHE!

Another problem we had was always singing the SAME songs every week. I really want them to learn lots of primary songs (especially the ones for the primary program), so I made a Bricker Family Song bag that has 8 different songs printed on individual slips of paper (2 per fhe for the 4 weeks in the month), so we're singing a different song every time. Then I try to sing those songs with them during the week so they get to know them better.

The last thing we changed up was adding a scripture to our family home evenings. I picked one scripture for each month, from the lessons or chapters in the BOM that we were going to be covering, and we say it together before the lesson. I printed it off and it sits on our fridge so we can practice it during the week as well. The scripture from Sept. was 1 Nephi 3:7, which is a bit longer of a scripture, and they both almost have it memorized so we're actually just going to keep it for Oct. as well so that they really know it.

During our lessons/activities we will briefly talk about the doctrinal points, but mostly I'm just wanting them to learn the stories and HAVE FUN! I'm hoping that as they learn these stories and grow to love them now when they're little, they'll be able to look back on them when they're older and better understand the principle behind the story and be able to apply it to their own lives because the foundation has been built.

So for example, we started out our re-vamped FHE's with the story of Nephi, Lamen, Lemuel, and Sam obtaining the brass plates from Laban. I planned 3 monday's to go over the story. Week 1 we did the first 2 attempts at the brothers trying to get the plates and ended with the Angel coming to stop L&L from beating N&S with sticks. For this lesson we acted it out using sock puppets and a few simple props.

The 2nd week we finished the story by acting it out. Kylee loved being Nephi and getting to cut off Laban's (daddy's) head and then getting to tackle Zoram (tyler) to the ground and convince him to go back into the wilderness with them. Just grabbing a few "dress-up" things to act out the story with made SUCH a difference to them and made it a really memorable night!

The 3rd week we did a review of the story by going on a Q&A treausre hunt. I would ask them questions from the story and when they got it right they could get their clue to go to the next place. They found these bags of "treasure" waiting for them at the end of the hunt and we talked about how obtaining the brass plates was a treasure for their family and they are now a treasure for us.

The next story we did was Lehi's dream of the Tree of Life. Which was broken up over 3 weeks as well. The first week we quickly reviewed the story from the scriptures and then put together these pieces (that I had already prepared...don't laugh. Okay you can laugh, I'm not the best artist mmmkay!) onto a posterboard. The kids were VERY intrigued by which people were happy and sad and had fun putting them in different spots on the board. I was really impressed by the questions-especially Tyler-was asking and we had a great impromptu conversation about making good choices and consequences!

The second week I busted out a bunch of craft supplies and a large sheet of paper and we got to work recreating the tree of life with our own skillz! Ha ha, the kids LOOOOVED doing this, so far this was their favorite.

We had to let all the glitter paint dry overnight since they don't really have a great understanding of 'a little goes a long way' before they could hold it up for a picture, but here it is! Didn't they do so good?! :)

For the 3rd week, we did a review of the story but this time I made a simple board game on posterboard and cards that had questions. If they answered the question right, they got to roll the dice and move that many spaces forward till they reached the tree! Easy Shmeesy!

This next week we'll be doing the story of the Liahona and we'll just keep on keepin' on from there! I'm so thankful for the spirit that has been added to our home during family home evening and the excitement that they feel when we talk about the stories and prophets. Hopefully we'll be able to keep this momentum up for awhile! :)

What kinds of things do you do for family home evening? Do you have any good websites to recommend?!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanks for your votes!!!

Guess what's rockin' my socks this morning?!?! I found out I came in SECOND place (out of 15) in the American Crafter round 1 competition by ONE vote!!!! Ha Ha so thank you, YOUR one vote made that happen! :) This means that I"ll be one of 10 people moving on to round 2 of this crazy competition!

Our 'House of Order' projects will be up on Friday for voting, so get your fingers ready for clickin'!

Also, I've been posting a different Halloween craft-a-day over on my craft blog so if you're looking for easy, fun craft ideas be sure to check them out!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Vote for me {Pleeeease!!!!!}

A couple weeks ago I submitted THIS project to audition for a crafting competition called American Crafter on the blog Naptime Crafters. I was picked, out of 99 people, to be one of the 15 contestants. Today is the first round of the competition and moving on to the next round is completely determined by votes! The best part about this competition is that you can vote for THREE (3!) different projects so head on over and vote for your 3 favorites! You don't have to have a blog, be a blogger, or even like blogging to vote-everyone's opinion matters!

This rounds theme was Halloween!

And I promise...the other 14 halloween projects are Drop. Dead. Amazing. These girls do NOT mess around. Seriously you HAVE to go check them out (here)!!!

My entry:
Sound Activated Halloween Pillow

You can see the quick and simple version of my project over at The Competition, but if you're looking for a detailed how-to...check it out on my craft blog HERE!

BUUUUTTTT what good would a 'Happy Haunting' pillow be if it wasn't slightly...haunted?! That's when I had this idea...

1.I took a too-spooky-for-my-taste grim reaper decoration
2. Removed the sound activated device (that when activated by sound, responds by making eeeerie noises and glowing RED!!!)
3. Inserted it into the pillow
4. Cut a small square of posterboard to insert the small LED's into-and used electrical tape to hold them in place on the back of the poster-so that they wouldn't shift around and get lost or smothered by the polyfiber inside the pillow.
5. LASTLY, I cut a small hole around the on/off switch so I can choose which neighbors I'd like to scare up until Halloween :)

Happy Haunting!

It would mean soooo much to me if you could take a quick second and cast a vote for me and my pillow-I'm contestant #10!! (the voting poll is on the right hand side of her blog)The voting ends Sunday night at 8 pm so you have time to tell your friends too :). Ha ha! Thanks a bunch!!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Funnies!

Who is SOOOO happy that it's FRIDAY?!?! My best friend and her family are here visiting for the weekend and this girl makes me LAUGH!!!! Just in case you need a laugh too, I'm back with some more Friday Funnies to get your weekend off to a happy start! Sit back, relax and remember to laugh-life's too short not to! Enjoy!

(As always, these can be found on my pinterest board here!)


SOOO True! See...

Maybe this is why...

Totally doing this one day!!! ha ha!

You go girl! Or guy. I can't actually tell.

Yep...turkey on white please.

Oooooh snap!

I may or may not have crossed that line.

Wise wise words:

So don't worry about that spilt cup (or whole gallon) of milk on the floor, the crayon on the wall, or the smudge-prints on your freshly cleaned bathroom mirrors. Afterall, do we really need to add a headache to our day?! Laughing is so much easier on the soul!

Thanks for reading, I hoped you laughed! And just so you know-those of you who may check in on my craft blog from time to time-starting monday I 'll be kicking off my October MaDdNEsS event which will be a whole month (every day mon-fri) full of easy, quick, and cheap DIY halloween crafts, treats, etc!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Afternoon

Today was a gorgeous gorgeous sunday! It's so nice to have church first thing in the morning so that we have the whole afternoon to spend together-not to mention that it's not in the middle of lunch or naptimes (which we had for 2 years straight!). Since Bobby's in his final year of school, this semester is intense and he is SO swamped. It's been a difficult couple of weeks for us adjusting to life without daddy (& husband!) so Sundays are really a MUCH looked forward to day. After naps today we decided to go over to first dam and feed the ducks. Tyler got to do this for a fieldtrip in school last week and Kylee's been wanting to have her turn to feed the ducks ever since he got to go. It was SO fun to spend a few hours together today! We can't WAIT till December so we can get our daddy back! (for a couple weeks anyway :) ) I can do it I can do it I can do it!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Funnies!

Haaaaappppyyyy FRIDAY!!! I thought I'd kick the weekend off with another round of Friday Funnies to get myself (and you of course) off on the right foot on this beautiful FIRST day of FALL! So grab a treat, take a seat and get ready to...

Enjoy my friends! (all pics can be found on my Have a Laugh pinboard on pinterest!)

Now go have a good day and laugh a little will ya!!! Who knows WHAT ill's you'll cure :)

I'm so excited to put my Halloween stuff up I can barely stand it and my kids are BEGGING me to do so, so I think this weekend it's all going up cause I just can't wait any longer! I'll be posting pictures, tutorials, ideas, yummy treats and more on my craft blog HERE soon so be sure to check it out!