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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sorry Life

I'm sorry life I don't have time to be sick; or didn't you get that memo?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Family Pictures 2009

Well she's done it again! The fabulous Heather Taylor-who now lives in the Utah County area for all of you down there in need of an amazing photographer-snapped some shots of us a couple weekends ago and she did such a great job! My kids were being extra difficult to photograph that day-seriously NO smiles from my dear sweet Kylee and constant moving around by my handsome devil of a son- and it was cold and windy, so I appreciate her photo-shopping out our red, runny noses and her exceptional patience with us! You can check out a few of the pictures she took from our session on her blog HERE and to see more of her great work you can view her website HERE. There are a few other cute pictures that aren't on her blog that I'd love to post for you so I'll try to get some low-resolution watermarked pictures that I can put up from her soon.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Wow, time has gone by so fast! I didn't even realize it's been a whole month since I last posted because so much has happened! So I guess I'll just start where I last left off in Sept. and try to get as much done as I can. To save on time and to limit the number of pictures (don't worry there will still be a ton!) I'll just give you the gist of our last month.

  • I found out Kylee loves to drive!

    As soon as I set her down on this little red car at the mall, she starts kicking her feet and clapping her hands and laughing!

  • She loves to admire herself in the mirror-I walked out of my room one day and had placed Kylee back by my bed, when I walked back in I found her just like this...

    And just cause I can't get enough of her smile...

    She was playing around with me and then all of a sudden glanced up at the picture of Christ we have above our couch and would not stop smiling, or turn back to look at me!

  • We dropped Amanda off at the MTC

    Bobby, myself and the kids met my family in Provo on Sept. 23 the morning Amanda was going into the MTC. She needed to check in at 1:00 so we stopped and had lunch at our favorite family place-Chilis

    Saying goodbye to the kids for the next 18 months!

  • The kids and I stayed in St. George for 2 weeks-and I barely have ANY pictures. It was just a major couple weeks of doing nothing except for playing games, shopping, eating, and visiting with my grandparents!

    One night I was coming up the stairs from putting Kylee to bed and I heard Tyler laughing hysterically! I asked him what was so funny and my mom, Alena and Tyler proceeded to show me their new song and dance-"momma's little babies love shortening bread".

    REALLY getting into it!

    One night for FHE my mom helped Tyler make some fun Halloween treats, and Tyler LOVED doing this fun, super easy craft!

    He liked eating the candy corn (gross!) as much as putting it in the cup!

    *At the end of the 2 weeks we went to CA to spend the weekend with my grandpa-my mom's dad- and celebrate with her WHOLE family his 90th Birthday! He is SO on top of things you would have no idea he's 90! It was a beautiful party and was so much fun to spend time with my mom's side of the family since we never get to see them! I don't have any pics from that because there was a professional photographer there and there will be a website with all the pictures available to us.

  • Had a nice evening out with my most favorite people in the world after taking some family pictures (coming soon)!

  • Went to a Corn Maze/Pumpkin patch
    Our good friends the Ellet's and the Fackrell's invited us to have FHE with them this past Mon. night and we went down to a corn maze and pumkin patch. We didn't want to take the kids through a corn maze, we really just wanted them to be able to pick pumpkins so we payed just $4 a person (kids were free) and got to go on a 30 min. "spooky hay ride", climb a monsterous hay stack, watch a halloween movie, and pick a pumpkin! It was such a fun night, thanks for inviting us!

    The pumpkin Tyler chose-it was a perfect one!

    Little Miss Kylee

    Daddy and Tyler climbing the haystack-and this is my camera zoomed in like 3 times!

    Tyler was a little unsure of the spooky hay ride-even though it was age appropriate for kids. It started off with a freaky looking scarecrow falling down on top of us, landing right above our heads. He screamed and then cried for the next couple minuets. We reminded him that it was all just pretend and that we would never let anything bad happen to him and then he was...okay after that. At one point we went into this haunted barn and something similar happened and, with THE most terrified expression on his face, he "laughed" while saying, "ha...ha ha...ha ha ha...ha...ha ha". After the thing went away he said-totally unsure-that was funny. We were dying laughing!!!

  • Locked my keys in my trunk! Worst. Thing. Ever. Obviously no pictures, but let's just say I sat in the Walmart parking lot for 2 HOURS with 2 cranky kids that were missing their naps, in the windy cold, while 3 men tried to get the keys out of my trunk by trying to pick the lock, take out my back seat, and pulling off panels on the interior. Oh yea, and they never got them out. I had to get a new key cut.
  • I have a new niece! Congratulations to my SIL Rebekah and her husband Nathan. Little Emma Michelle was born Oct. 12th and she is just perfect!

    Anyway, that's about it for now. Hopefully it won't be another month till I post again!