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Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Babe!

Since it's 3 minuets from midnight it is still technically Bobby's Birthday so I can still wish him a happy birthday!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE birthdays and surprises, so with the crazy schedule Bobby had today I had to sneak in as many things as I could to make him have the best day possible! He has class from 8:00 to 10:30 on mon. mornings, then he comes home changes clothes and heads off to work till 6:00. So when he came home from class this poster was hanging off our front balcony for all to see!

A couple hours after we dropped him off at work we came back and brought him some birthday balloons and cheesecake for everyone! Tyler was SO into Bobby's birthday this year and wanted to be apart of everything. He carried the balloons into the bank and was so proud to hand them over to his daddy and say, "Happy Birthday!"

*They were a BIG hit with the kids, as you can see many of the balloons are now floating around the house*

Later that night I surprised Bobby by picking him up from work...ALONE (thank you to the Fackrell's for watching our kids!!) and we went out to dinner at El Torro Viejo-always delicious-and enjoyed our hour long dinner without mashed potatoes being thrown all over the floor, screaming fits of, "No mom, I don't want to eat it, it's gross!", having an actual conversation uninterrupted, and nobody clinging to us with sticky, dirty hands. It was SO nice!
*I totally brought my camera with us and then forgot to take a picture :(. Too busy enjoying being alone I guess...

Then we came home and Bobby opened his presents:
Tyler gave him a wireless speedometer for his bike, some gum and chapstick. Kylee gave him a carrying case for his external hardrive and same Cajun trail-mix(his current favorite obsession), and I gave him The Unit (season 1) on DVD and some beef jerkey (his lifelong obsession).

Then he went straight off to do homework (which he is still currently doing) while I bathed the kids and put them to bed. I hope you had a wonderful day babe, we love you so much! Happy Birthday!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sometimes he surprises me

Tyler gets super annoyed with Kylee a lot of the time, mostly when he's afraid she's going to take something he's playing with and he will start screeching, "Mom, come get Kylee away from me! Hurry mom, take her away from me!" But there are times when he is just the sweetest ever to her.

One morning Bobby heard Tyler talking in the bedroom, but he hadn't heard Kylee up yet (I was in the shower) so he was going to go in and bring Tyler out so he wouldn't wake her up. When he went in their bedroom he saw this:

Apparently he thought she needed her morning dose of Bambi.

*my favorite part is that he only has one sock on. somehow during the night he always loses ONE sock!

It's cold here!

I don't know what it is about kids, but they LOVE to be outside-at least my little boy does. It doesn't matter if it's 110 or -10 degrees, he wants to play outside. So being that it's already cold here (well, at least when it gets dark it's cold) he has to get all bundled up if we leave the house after dark. Bobby took Tyler with him to campus one night to turn in some homework and it was the perfect time to try out his new hat/glove set. He loves it-especially the mittens.

For some reason he thinks it's so funny that all his fingers are stuck inside this piece of cloth and his thumbs get to be all by themselves. Yup, he's a weird one!

He literally could not take his eyes off these miracles.

Off to school...

Monday, November 9, 2009


So I've never really been a gun person. Didn't grow up around them, didn't know anyone that had one, didn't ever care to learn anything about them. Then I met Bobby, who did grow up around them, has a family that has several, and knows a lot about them. I went shooting for my first time on his dad's farm before we got married and hated it! It hurt my ears, my shoulder, and I was terrible. Since then I have been explained the many reasons why owning a gun is a good thing, and have come around to the idea. Bobby bought his first gun, a SIG SAUER P225, a couple years ago and I've wanted one for myself ever since-especially when I found out they really do make pink ones!! But I would be lying if I said I wasn't slightly disturbed to walk out of the bedroom and see Tyler helping Bobby clean his gun. I know it's totally harmless and the whole time that they were cleaning it Bobby was teaching Tyler gun safety things, but I guess it's just weird for me since I didn't see my first real gun in person till I was in College! But Tyler really loved that he was getting to help his daddy and was very attentive to everything Bobby was telling him and was asking a lot of questions about how to hold it and what to push, and he was really interested in "how to be safe!"

He'll probably think this picture is really cool someday, but I don't like it.

Bobby wants to take him out shooting with him, but I think I'm going to have to put my foot down on that one-maybe in several years...maybe.

Leftover Halloween

As if there aren't enough pictures littering this blog, this post is going to be full of them-sorry! I realized that I have tons of pictures from October that I never had time to post about, so I'll start with some of the other Halloween stuff we did in Oct. that I totally forgot to post and at after that just all the other random stuff we did throughout the month.

Tyler and I had a lot of fun making Halloween cupcakes!

Kylee was just happy watching us while eating crackers!

We let them bake and cool during his nap and when he woke up Tyler frosted, sprinkled and decorated!

Oh, and of course we ate them!!

The Saturday before Halloween Bobby's work did their annual pumpkin carving and dinner party, and Tyler was really into carving the pumpkins this year!

Kylee wished she could have been really into this year...maybe next year sweet girl!

Earlier in the day we got the kids dressed in their Halloween shirts and ran all our errands before heading over to the party. They were NOT excited about getting their pictures taken together-

-or alone for that matter.

But after some serious bribes-or threats, whatever you want to call it-they smiled/looked at me for ONE picture.

Kylee was just mad cause I took this doodle thing away from her to make her take a picture.

Never disturb an artist at work!

And no she didn't actually draw those circles, Tyler had it before her...

...although I'm sure she could have drawn them if I hadn't taken it away, she is a genius baby afterall. :)

Tyler loved these animals he could "ride" at Sams Club, he wanted to try every animal they had. Kylee was pretty indifferent but at least she wasn't scared.

So recently Kylee's favorite place to stand is holding on to the very end of the couch where she can't hold on and walk anymore and her favorite thing to do there is bend over and stick out her bum as far as possible. It's stinkin' cute!

Kylee smiling at Tyler's crazy dancing (sorry for the fuzzy pics)

Kylee in true character-AT-TI-TUDE!

She also loves to be in the cupboards

And pull everything out!

Who me?! (sorry I can't get it to rotate right)

Kylee's new obsession: sippy cups

If she spots one she is OFF to claim it before her brother can snatch it away with a grumpy, "No Kylee, that's mine!" *sigh*-at least she's not old enough to fight back yet

Tyler loves to move and make noise so music is his thing...even if it's a commercial with music, off he goes.

I just love the complete and total happiness that shines through his face-especially his eyes-when he's moovin' and groovin'!

And my favorite part is that it keeps Kylee 100% entertained!

We both kinda love this boy like crazy!

Okay that should get me all caught up through Oct., now onto Nov.!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How much do you love me?

So last night as we were falling asleep-and I mean like in that zone where you're past all coherency, but still can't qualify, scientifically, as asleep -I asked Bobby, "How much do you love me?". He replied in slurred speech, "So much". Not satisfied, I asked again, "But how much do you love me?" There was a couple seconds of no response so figuring he had fallen asleep I was about to allow my body to do the same when he says, "I love you so much that if you lost your thumb I would cut off my own big toe and sew it onto your nub so you could have a thumb."

Love him. :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


So Kylee started with a cold on Wed., gave it to me on Thur., and I graciously gave it to Bobby on Fri., and poor Tyler just didn't stand a chance against the 3 of us. By Sat. we were all miserably sick with colds and today poor Kylee started with it all over again. I can't even tell you how disappointed I was that our Halloween was ruined by runny noses, sore throats and fevers! Tyler was SO into it this year and I had a full day of fun things planned for him, starting with a wake-up call from one very wicked witch (me) and a full halloween breakfast served by one very spooky skeleton. But I could barely crawl out of bed in the morning much less put a costume on, and being that Tyler and Kylee were up ALL night long coughing and crying and waking each other up and so on, nobody was quite in the mood for festivities Sat. morning. I won't go on and on about how many things we didn't get to do on Halloween because it just makes me sad, and I'll just be thankful that we got to do a little something and Tyler loved it!

Last weekend our ward had our Halloween party and Tyler, Kylee and myself dressed up (Bobby barely got off work in time just to be there-and lets be honest even if he had he doesn't dress up). Tyler's top choices this year were #1. dinasour #2. skeleton, and of course since I waited until Oct. 1st to start looking for costumes I couldn't find a (cool) dinasour costume in his size anywhere! (and sorry, I don't make costumes...maybe one year) So we settled with his second choice of skeleton and he Loved his costume, asking to wear it everyday throughout the month of Oct. For Kylee, I mainly just wanted to find something that would keep her warm because I figured it would be freezing here, so I decided on a cute little lamb costume that she wore a total of 2 times and HATED both times I made her wear it. I actually only got like 2 pics from our ward party because Tyler was off running with the kids the whole time and Kylee refused to wear her costume for more than 5 min. I was a witch, decided upon by Tyler. I let him pick out the color of my tights and my hat because I wanted him to love everything about Halloween this year!

My friend Ashlie and I roasting marshmellows (my first time!-no comments ashlie and mindy, I think I've heard enough!)

This is the one and only picture he would take with me and as you can see, he's trying to fly out of my arms...we probably should have taken one all together before we left the house...

Ashlie and her cutie patootie ladybug Jaylie!

The fri. night before Halloween our apartment complex had a little Halloween party and I had promised Tyler all day that he was going to get to dress up and go to a Halloween party and he was SO excited about it. So even though Bobby was sick, sick, sick he dressed Tyler up and took him over to the party, but of course he only took 1 picture! That's okay, at least Tyler got to go!

Sat. morning Tyler spent like this:

But then I saw this little smile peeking out from behind the blanket and knew he was feeling a teensy weensy bit better

Sat. afternoon my friend Mindy called to see if I wanted to bring Tyler and come with them to the mall to do trick-or-treating. At that point Tyler didn't have a fever or runny nose anymore and I knew we weren't going to take him out in the cold that night so I decided that so he could at least have some experience this year trick-or-treating (our ward doesn't do a trunk or treat) the afternoon, inside, would be our best bet and I'm so glad I did! He was in heaven and loved looking at all the other kids in their costumes. He always very politely said, "trick or treat" and would then hold up his pumpkin for the candy. After they put it in he would say "thank you", look inside his pumpkin to make sure candy had been put inside and then he'd move on to the next store. We were out for about an hour and a half so I felt like he at least got a little taste of it this year and next year will be even better when him and Kylee can both go out and understand what's going on and have fun together!

Right before we left for the mall. I thought he'd really hate wearing the mask, but it was his favorite part of the costume!

That night I realized I hadn't got any pictures of Kylee in her costume and Tyler had been asking to put his on ever since we got home and I made him take it off, so I quickly dressed the two of them up just for some quick pictures. Poor Kylee, you can just see in her eyes that she is so sick!

I kept saying, "kylee, kylee look at me" and this is what she would do every time! Stubborn girl! :)

Finally, one eye...

...and yay, two eyes! This is the only picture where she looked up at me without putting her hand in front of her face.

Just pray that we can all get over this sickness soon. No sleep=grouchy mommy. Happy Halloween!!