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Thursday, January 21, 2010

12 month visit and stats

(Sorry I know I promised the birth story post next, but this one will be shorter so I'm going to do it first)

Kylee had her checkup the week after her bday:
weight:17 lbs 7 oz-6%
height:28 inch-
head circumference: normal

The check up went great and the doctor was excited that she was "on the curve!" in terms of her weight-those of you with smaller babies know what I'm talking about:) He wrote: She's perfect! on her card and they did her footprints for the last time. (at the 18 mo check up they start handprints) She did get SIX seperate shots though so she wasn't a very happy girl, but a sucker from the nurse helped her cheer back up pretty quick! (there were so many b/c I also had her get the H1N1 and the flu shot. I figured she was already getting 4 what's another 2?!) Tyler and I also got those same shots and Tyler was SO brave! He held my hand and when they put the needles in, his eyes welled up with tears and he said with a quivering lip, "Mom. That. Hurt!" I bent over, gave him a quick kiss and that was it. No crying, no screaming, nothing. I was so proud of him that I took him to Burger King for lunch! (not my favorite but I had a .99 kids meal coupon-can't beat that)

Some fun things about Kylee at 1:

  • She hates milk-the doctor recommended putting carnation instant breakfast in it, still hates it
  • LOVES juice
  • Eats everything and anything. It is wonderful!! I never knew children ate more than waffles, chicken nuggets and hot dogs. She already outeats Tyler and what takes him 45 min to eat takes her less than 10.
  • She is not a sleeper! She takes 1-1 hour nap a day (while Tyler still takes 1- 2 1/2 hour nap every day) but she does sleep great at night (12 hours) so I can't complain too much.
  • Gives sweet open-mouthed kisses
  • Waves hello and goodbye
  • folds her arms for prayers
  • flies airplanes and makes the same noise tyler does when he flies them
  • When we tell her it's bath-time she will go into the bathroom, stand by the tub and start yanking on her shirt (trying to take it off)
  • Signs "more" and "all done"
  • Shakes her head profusely up and down when she's answering yes to a question
  • Is very sweet to her baby doll. She gives her kisses, then lays her down on the floor, gently places her blanket on top of her and motions, "shhh" to me
  • Loves to read books. She climbs onto Tyler's little couch in his room, grabs a book off the bookshelf and will look at the pictures over and over.
  • Points to everything she wants so there is NO misunderstanding
  • Has THE biggest attitude! She does this yell thing, it's not a scream, but a yell/grunt thing when she wants something and you don't pay attention the very second she demands it. Then if she doesn't get it she screams at you and starts to hit whatever she's closest to-usually Tyler.
  • She already knows Tyler's buttons and pushes them for fun. Ex: if we're riding in the grocery cart-tyler in the back, Kylee up front-she will turn around and beat him on the head with her fist. I'll say, "Kylee, NO! Don't hit Tyler!" and she will laugh and hit him again because she loves when she makes Tyler whine.
  • When she wakes up from her nap Tyler is always still sleeping and whenever she can escape from me she'll sneak down to his room, sit by his door and pound on it till I can pull her away. She thinks this is hilarious.
  • Loves to dance
  • No longer has a milk allergy, yay!!! (that was seriously the hardest 6 mo. of my life, which I know seems a little exaggatory but I am dead serious. I was not happy person to be around for those 6 mo.)
  • She's walking! Well, she still mostly crawls when she wants to get somewhere fast but if we say, "no kylee, walk" she'll walk. The farthest she's gone is from our bathroom to the kitchen-which is actually a pretty good distance. I tried to upload a video of it last night but my sister said it wasn't working so I took it down and I'll try to figure it out and post it again.
  • "talks" on the phone while holding it behind her ear, like kind of on the back of her head.
  • Shakes her finger at us when we tell her no-it's adorable
  • Says "dada dada dada" SO excitedly when she sees/wants her daddy. Says "mamama" when she's sad and says "tuh tuh" for tyler. She says, "bore" for more and says "yah" for yes.
  • She understands: come on, dance, go, bye bye, yes, no, more, all done, bath, read, nap, quiet, elmo, prayers, fold arms, scriptures, hair, put away, socks, diaper (crawls away quickly when I tell her i'm going to change her), baby, eat (probably her favorite word), kiss, walk. I know there's more but that's all I can think of now and it's past my new bedtime. (I'm trying this go to bed before midnight thing. I'm hoping it will make me less cranky)

    You can stop growing up now Kylee, I'm finding it hard to keep up. Love you.

Happy Birthday Kylee!

So I wanted to save this post for last because 1-it's the longest and 2-it's my favorite out of all the posts I've made to "catch-up" because I'm finally going to write down her birth story! (sorry next post-this one took me way longer than I thought it would) I feel it's fitting since I never got around to it right when she was born so what better time than her first birthday? First off, I CAN NOT BELIEVE she is ONE!!! Seriously, I literally remember the day we brought her home from the hospital like it was yesterday and being heartbroken that Tyler wanted nothing to do with me. But we'll get to all that. First I'll share her birthday with you.

First pic on her first bday! As soon as she woke up Bobby brought her in our room and she was SO happy. (love that she's missing one of her pigtails from the night before so her hair is crazy!)

When tyler, bobby, and I started to sing her happy bday she just started laughing and clapping!

She's my angel! (well more like a sassy angel)

All dressed and ready to make the long drive to grandma's

She was rocking front and back while Tyler was poking her in the back...

...which resulted in one of these:

which apparently wasn't enough for him to know she was serious-don't touch me!

but then he made it all better with a kiss!

crazy kids!

She's always taking her shoes off and rode most of the trip like this:

Then the kids were spoiled with lots of Christmas presents!!!

And Kylee got her first doll from grandma for her birthday-which she loves to kiss, put it's blanket on and tell me "shhhhh" cause the baby's sleeping.

Then we did a bday cake (or cupcakes that made a cake from my cute mom)

She wasn't so sure about the whole thing

but was willing to share!

And that was about as crazy as she got. I was a little disappointed b/c she sure does make a mess of things at my house! :)

My mom reading Tyler one of his new Christmas books before he went to bed that night.

And snuggling into his new sleeping bag (with matching backpack and water bottle) with alena. How convenient that he also has matching space jammies!

Picture of Tyler on his first bday-sorry I just had to throw this in somewhere b/c I don't think they look that much alike...

This little girl has had quite the first year of life! Having an older brother has definitely made things a little more interesting for all of us, but we cannot even imagine life without our little princess. Happy first Birthday Kylee, WE LOVE YOU!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Just FYI-the titles of these "catch-up" posts are just going to be the dates I took the photos on, that way I can look things up a little easier later if I want to.

Title: Coolest Kids EVER!

I have to start by saying I have the coolest kids. Really. They both LOVE music! I know, what kid doesn't? But they seriously love to rock out and kylee has the cutest daggum butt shake you've ever seen. For Tyler the louder the better. Now that we're finally in a place were we can turn our music UP, we have the funnest time dancing around like crazy in this house. Even in the car Tyler will say, "Mom turn it LOUD!" And he will do stuff like this:

or this...

or this...

And Kylee will die laughing in her car seat! She tries to mimic what he does and if she can't figure it out she just resorts to "raisin' the roof'". Hilarious! I love that my kids love to JAM with me in the car now, cause I'm pretty sure in a few years that's gonna change. Just remember kids, you have no idea how cool I am.

Earlier this day I was walking by the bathroom and saw Tyler doing this:

I ran to get my camera cause I thought it was so cute that he had pulled his stool over to the sink, and was trying to style his hair by himself in the mirror.

ha ha! love him.

While that was happening my most Mischievous child had managed to pull down the dishwasher door (I must have forgotten and left it partly open because I've never seen her do that before) and pull out as many things as her little hands could reach.

I was trying to sneak up on her

guess the flash of the camera gave me away

she only wanted this fork and bowl thing...

...and was very interested in stirring the fork around in the bowl so she wouldn't look up for me again. (look at those cheeks!)

Pretty cool kids for sure. :)


Title: New Car-seat!

Since Kylee turned one while we were in St. George we decided to get her a car-seat that faced forward (since they're not supposed to be forward facing until then) for the long trip home hoping the ride would be more enjoyable for all since she would be able to watch movies with Tyler, and I would be able to get to her a lot easier when she needed things.

She didn't really seem to care all that much-notice we are packed to the MAX. I think we're quickly outgrowing this car. Hmmm...maybe someday

and she fell asleep within seconds of pulling out of the driveway. (and actually this blue one is tyler's old one, the black one that tyler's in is the one we bought for kylee, but once we got it in the car I felt that the blue one had a little bit more support so would be better for kylee to ride in till she gets a little bigger. So actually Tyler got a new car seat.)

Oh well, Tyler was happy!


Title: Happy New Years!

It was so nice to be able to spend a week in St. George with my family (not to mention the weather was SO nice) for Kylee's birthday and New Years! We had fun doing some shopping with Christmas money :), played a lot of CLUE, ate and ate and ate, went on a double date with Alisa and Skyler to see Blindside (LOVED it!!!), went through the temple with my Brother (he leaves for his mission to Spokane,WA march 17th!!!) and rang in the new year at Alisa's house. Well I guess we technically were in bed at midnight, but started the ringing at Alisa's. :)

One of their friends brought their dog and Tyler and Kylee could not get enough of her!

Kylee is pretty much terrified of my brother Ty. He sat a little too close for comfort and Kylee would not take her eyes off of him!

Literally. Stared at him till he got up and walked away.

We missed Amanda :(

These were taken a different day, but I don't really have anywhere else to post them and I love how wonderful Alena is with our boys!

Look how big Nathan looks!

Happy New Years to all!!


Title: Merry Christmas!

Tyler woke up to see that Santa had taken time out of his busy night to leave him a note! He didn't think it was quite as cool as mom and dad did.

I asked Kylee what she had gotten in her stocking and she held it right up so I could see!

This was the result of every picture I took of the 2 of them in front of the tree. Oh well.

Their Great-grandpa and grandma Olson sent each of the kids a Christmas gift and I wanted them to be able to see how much they loved their books!

Kylee got a scratch-n-sniff book...

...that Tyler soon took over (i love kylee's face trying to figure out what the heck he's doing)

Tyler's was a sing-a-long book to Up on the Rooftop-thank you grandma and grandpa!

They got Cutie's in their stockings and while I wasn't looking Kylee literally stuffed half of one in her mouth.

He loved his Dinosaur and rides him everywhere

I got this idea from my friend Mindy and made these cute puppets (all the materials came in a little packet from Hobby Lobby) for Kylee's stocking. The packet was only $5 and surprisingly the puppets are still all stitched together and none of them have lost an eye-which is saying something cause Kylee's pretty rough with them.

Kylee's gift from Santa was a shopping cart and a LOT of plastic food (seriously what was Santa thinking? I'm finding potato chips and rolls all over my house!) Next year we might ask Santa to bring her a kitchen to put all that food in!

Tyler's present from Santa was a train set with Thomas and Percy engines. Santa had originally brought Tyler a different gift for Christmas, but when Tyler sat on Santa's lap at the mall on Christmas Eve he told Santa he wanted a train for Christmas and then talked all day about how Santa was going to bring him, "a train that goes round, and round and round without stopping!" I think Santa is pretty awesome for finding Tyler exactly what he wanted minutes before it was too late!

This is what I love about Christmas day:

the house in complete disarray from presents being opened, piles of new fun toys, the boys working to put things together and the wearing of pajamas all day!