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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Killing and Obedience

Oh and just a couple cute things Tyler said yesterday that I don't want to forget...since I'm blogging anyway.

We were driving around waiting to pick up Bobby from work and Tyler said, "Mom, you said we were picking up Daddy from work, but this isn't his work! Where are you going?!" (he knows the exact route and if we deviate he knows!) I said, "Well we don't have to be there for about 15 more min. so I'm just killing some time." Tyler said, "Mom!" (Totally worried like) "We DON'T kill!"

I was getting ready to put Kylee in her car seat and Tyler jumped into the drivers seat to "drive" (don't worry the car wasn't on). I said, "Come on bud come get it in your car seat."
Tyler: "No! I'm driving right now."
Me: "No Tyler come on I don't have time for this."
Tyler: "Just 5 more min."
Me: "okay Tyler you can sit there until I'm done buckling Kylee in, then you have to come get in your seat."
After I get Kylee: "Okay Tyler I'm done lets go."
Tyler: "Okay, thanks for letting me drive mom!" and hops right out, runs around to his seat and climbs in.
Me slightly baffled that it didn't turn into a full fledged argument and a crying tantrum says, "Thank you so much Tyler for being obedient, I really appreciate that!"
Tyler: "Heavenly Father loves me when I be'd obedient! Yup, Heavenly Father loves me!"

Yea, that was proud mommy moment.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So So So busy!!!

There are so many things I need to write about and pictures I need to post but my camera is somewhere packed in a box where it will be moving to our new home this week. Yes HOME! I'm guessing it'll probably be January before I make an actual post again (like a "real" angela post that takes you hours to read) so here's a little info just to get you caught up on our lives and to remind me what I need to post about later in more detail!

  • Had a WONDERFUL thanksgiving with some of our GREAT friends here in Logan-the Fackrell's and the Ellet's. I am so grateful for good friends that make life so enjoyable!
  • Have been thoroughly enjoying the company of my children. We've had some awesome relief society lessons over the last month that have really inspired me to be a better wife and mother, as well as reading some very motivating talks from general conference (our Bishop has asked us to read one conference talk everyday till we have read them all-not as hard as I thought it'd be!) that have put the importance of "Listening for the Lord's voice throughout your day [including] childrens laughter." I LOVE my kids. They are everything to me and then so much more.
  • Have finally accepted an opportunity to move and I can't even begin to put into words how grateful I am that we chose to follow the promptings we received to stay put here in Aggie Village (as much as we hated it!) instead of accepting THREE previous offers over the last year to move to better places! Finally we got our "YES" and it was more than worth the wait! We signed papers on Mon. and we've moved about 1/4 of our stuff over there already. Hopefully we'll finish over the next week or so. Filled with gratitude does not even begin to describe how I'm feeling. I'll suffice it for now to say that our family has been shown yet again that Heavenly Father truly does know us and has a plan for us. How grateful I am for His hand in my/our life! When we put the Lord first and follow faithfully His will for us, we are always blessed. Not always right away, or in the way we want, but the blessings DO always come. (so much more info and pictures of our beautiful new home to come!!!
  • As well as packing up our entire apartment-myself...well Tyler likes to "help" too- (which is actually a bigger task than I would have ever thought possible for such a small place) this week Bobby and I both have lessons to prepare for Sunday (Priesthood and RS)-which I will be bawling my eyes out the entire time I teach because 1. it's on "Standing Strong and Immovable in Christ" and I can't ever talk about the love I have for my Savior without getting emotional. And 2. It will be my last time teaching in this ward and you have no idea how much I LOVE the sisters in our Relief Society. They are such a strength to me and my family and I'm just not sure I'm ready to say goodbye. So those of you in my ward...consider yourself warned!
  • Tonight was our Ward goal activity. (Every month the Bishopric has selected a different topic for the ward to focus on and has set a goal for us. Last month it was FHE, this month it is "serve a neighbor, meet a friend.") So we baked cookies and then took them to neighbors we haven't met!
  • Our RS Christmas activity (no longer enrichment-really hard for me to remember!) is on Thur. and I'm so excited for our white elephant exchange!
  • Visiting and Home Teaching reports due by Sun. (not to brag on my girls or anything but we have some seriously awesome visiting teachers. Our stake Pres. calls VT numbers a "love index" and we have so much love it's oozing out of our ears, and have been asked by the stk. RS pres. what our secret is. That's just how amazing the sisters in my ward are, I wish I never had to leave you! I love you guys!!!
  • Oh and somewhere in all of this Bobby will fit in 9 Test (an online class), 1 paper, and 2 finals by this coming Mon.! Needless to say I am literally doing ALL the packing-I guess it's only fair since he's basically done the last 2 moves by himself since I was sick with pregnancies.
  • And one of my bestie friends bday is on Sat.! Happy Birthday Mindy!!!
Hopefully we'll get settled into our new place over the next couple weeks and then we'll be off to St. George for Kylee's birthday (is that even possible that she's almost ONE?!) and New Years! I'm going to really try to get our Christmas cards out this year, but they might just have to be Happy January cards...we'll see! (And if you'd like our new address to send us your family Christmas card-and I want one from all of you!-let me know and I'll send it to you.