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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weekend with the Tuttles!

Well I've been waiting to get some pictures emailed to me from our weekend with Bobby's sisters' family, to post about their visit, but I still don't have those pictures yet (hint hint:)) and I want to post about this before I leave for St. George tomorrow and have lots more fun things to post about! I think Rebekah took more pictures than I did, but we loved having them stay with us for a few days and enjoyed the opportunity to catch up and have fun!

Rebekah is a wonderful cook so Fri. night she taught me to make some amazing chicken tortilla soup! proof of me cooking! :)

My ADORABLE niece Emma!

Tyler trying to keep emma entertained

Our nice meal was followed by an intense game of Mexican train; although, I can't remember who won... :)

Sat. it was a little gray outside but surprisingly not freezing so we enjoyed the weather by taking a walk around the neighborhood and playing at the park for a bit.

Kylee lookin' super fly in her heart, red sunglasses.

Tyler throwing snow on daddy

Kylee was screeching and sticking her hands out trying to get her daddy's attention because she didn't like everyone walking faster than her.

Precious little emma

Nathan modeling Emma's hat

That night Rebekah and Nathan treated us to Texas Roadhouse which was delicious as always! Thanks again you guys for a wonderful meal!

Kylee was entertained for a good portion of the meal just sucking away on the peanut shells-totally gross but worth the quiet.

Sat. night the not-so-fun part of the weekend was kicked off with a wonderful round of stomach flu for our family. Kylee woke up in a crib full of grossness around 10:00 that night-seriously yuck! Tyler started in first thing sun. morning, it hit me around 11:00 am, and Bobby joined in with the rest of us about midnight Sun. night. NOT fun to have the whole family sick at the same time (thanks again to my friend Mindy who made a quick store run for us-greatly appreciated!) By Mon. night it was out of all our systems, but left us ALL with nasty colds for the rest of the week. Blah. But we're all feeling much better now! :) We were just sad to ruin the last day of our time with the Tuttles, but are SO glad they didn't catch our disease and were able to enjoy the rest of their vacation in UT!

As they were getting ready to walk out the door Sun. I realized we hadn't yet taken a picture of the cousins together so even though my kids were GROSS and contagious, Emma let them sit next to her for a picture.

On a happier note, sometime on Sun. (obviously when Kylee was feeling a bit better) Bobby and Rebekah took this cute video of Kylee dancing with her teapot.

Thanks for the great weekend Tuttles!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bedtime Stories

Just in case you're having trouble falling asleep tonight here are some bedtime stories from Tyler...

A Boy Named Tyler-part 1 (my camera was only letting me take 40-50 sec. video clips so there are couple to make up the whole story)

part 2

The Mean man and the Rocket Ship-part 1

part 2


Random Wednesday

Well I got a very threatening text ;) from my friend last night about posting something new so since I don't have anything "real" to post about here are some random pictures taken over the last couple weeks:

I was making the bed when Tyler wanders into my room like this:

I said, "Wow bud nice hat ya got there." He pulled the underwear down over his eyes, gave me a thumbs up and said, "ya I know. I'm cool."

Apparently Kylee thought it was all the rage cause pretty soon she comes walkin in the room trying to accessorize herself.

Once it was on she wasn't so sure she wanted to follow the new trend.

But the encouragement from her peers kept her spirits up

ahhh...i love them.

As I was going through the last couple picture folders I found this picture that I most definitely did NOT take or know about. I don't even want to know how Bobby got him up here.

One day while I was doing dishes Kylee was being SOOOO whiney and wanting me to hold her, so I did what I always do when I can't personally entertain them...I feed them. One second she was eating a graham cracker and the next time I turned around she was asleep!

I was just getting out of the shower one afternoon when kylee woke up from her nap so I asked Tyler to go in her room and give her some toys in her crib to play with so I could get dressed. After about 5 min. I could hear her just as happy as could be so I decided to dry my hair too. After that I could hear them still just playing away in there so I flat ironed my hair, put my make-up on and cleaned my room. It had probably been about 30 min. since she had woken up and when I finally went in to get her I found her in her crib, along with every toy she owns, plus a couple balloons just to keep things fun.

Oh, yep...there she is.

Tyler has recently been really into "fixing" his car. I hope he'll always loves to work on cars just as much as his daddy so that can be something fun they do together!

Well that's all the exciting stuff that's been going on here. My sis and bro in law (rebekah and nathan) and niece (emma) are flying out tomorrow from Missouri to spend the weekend with us and we are SOOO excited to get to see them for the first time in 2 years (and meet little emma for the first time)! Have a great rest of the week everyone!