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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hairy business!

For $75 don't you think the hairdresser should have cut ALL my hair?

Friday, February 27, 2009

Any guesses?

Can you tell what song he's singing?

I was in the house folding laundry and Tyler was on the back porch playing and I heard him singing this song so I went out and asked him if he would sing it for the camera and he said, "sure!". And surprisingly he actually did it! Maybe he's starting not to be so camera shy...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Oh Dear...

What am I going to do with this boy? Today while I was visiting teaching Tyler, who was sitting next me on the couch, leans over to me (completely out of the blue), grabs my boob and says, very energetically, "BOOBIES!"

Thanks Tyler. I'm guessing this will not be the last time you embarrass me in public.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Random happenings

SEVERAL posts jammed into one-Random pictures from the last week or so:

Tyler found another one of his presents in my closet one morning so I let him open it (I really need to find a new hiding place)

The Backyardigans BIG coloring book with Jumbo crayons. He kept breaking all of my crayons cause he pushes too hard when he colors and they snap in half, so hopefully these will last a bit longer.

He got right to work on it.

And it's kept him busy the past few nights while I've been cooking dinner.

Kylee looked SO cute and grown up in her jeans, polo and pink boots!

I love it when Tyler dances because he's got some pretty sweet moves!

Dancing to the "hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog" song on playhouse disney.

Notice the M.M. memory game on the floor-yet another one of his presents that he found that was supposed to be hidden. He now has no more presents to open when the family comes down ...sorry Tyler.

He loves his Mickey Mouse playhouse!

Where's Kylee?

Tyler loves to put his "family"(refer to previous post) in the swing and has a really hard time understanding that it's Kylee's swing, NOT minnie mouses so whenever I'm not looking he'll pile them all in the swing with her and then come and get me and say, "mom look, family swing." Surprisingly Kylee doesn't seem to mind.

Good thing Daddy's not home...

Today was the first day that Tyler actually ASKED to hold Kylee so I had Bobby take a picture. It's not a good picture, but I wanted to document it.

Lately we've been getting a lot more of these smiles. She's the happiest right after her diaper's been changed and that's when I can get her to smile the most and she will just coo and coo. Ohhh I just love her to pieces! I've been trying to get a video of it but anytime I bring out the camera she stops "talking" and just stares at it.

But the blank stares are still pretty frequent too. Since she was born (literally minutes after she was born the nurses were sucking spit bubbles out of her mouth) she has always had bubbles on her mouth...and secretly I think they're cute even though they gross Bobby out!


It's a good thing he has a daddy, so he can learn things like this. I don't even know what the thundercats are.
Thunder...Thunder...Thundercats! (Bobby apologizes for the video being sideways)

And on that note, I end my rantings.

Time for the toddler bed!

We decided to make Tyler's 2nd birthday the day we would make the switch from baby to boy, criminal to freedom...crib to toddler bed. I knew this day would eventually come, but so soon? Do I have to face the reality already? I've known for awhile that he wasn't a baby anymore but in my eyes he still was until I saw him sleeping peacefully like any grown kid in his big boy bed. When you see your baby doing something "adult-like" for the first time something inside you changes. I don't really know how to describe it other than all of a sudden, in that moment, you realize life from this point on is going to be different and whether you like it or not it's changing- with or without you-and and all you can do is hang on tight. How many times in his life am I going to have to re-learn this lesson? Sigh...anyway enough with the nostalgia.

Thankfully when my parents bought us the crib for Christmas a couple years ago they decided to go with the 3 in 1 (crib, toddler bed, full bed) so we could get the most use out of it. Tyler has never tried to crawl out of his crib so if we didn't have another baby that needed it, I would probably leave him in it for awhile longer. But that's not the case and since she'll be needing it here within the next month or two (because she'll outgrow the bassinett) we thought it best to put Tyler in his crib AS a toddler bed now so he's used to sleeping in a bed before we kick him out and put him in a different bed altogether. My hope is that the transition from crib to bed will be much smoother for him if he has a couple months to get use to sleeping in a toddler bed that he's still familiar with before he has to move to a toddler bed that is really a toddler bed. Does that make sense? Anyway, so far so good. It's been about a week and he hasn't gotten out of his bed during the night, in the morning or after his nap-with one exception. The other morning he woke up at 6:15 (he normally wakes up around 8:30) and was knocking on his bedroom door (we leave it closed in case Kylee cries during the night). Bobby just walked in and told him it was still night time and he needed to go back to sleep, put him in bed, sang him a song and walked out, and Tyler didn't wake back up till his usual time. So, I'm pretty happy with the results and just hope it lasts!

I think this overload of pictures proves that this was a big deal for me!

After his nap I wanted to get a picture of his last time sleeping in the crib so I told him to pretend like he was sleeping. Nice Tyler...

After dinner we started to take it down. Tyler's untying the bumper pad.

Yea-I'm, free!

He liked helping daddy use the tools to take it apart and put on the side rails.

Kylee and I were just hanging out and taking pictures...pose!

And pose...

And pose!

Her cute socks from Maranda that just happen to match her outfit perfectly!

Tyler got bored after awhile and just wanted to play with his cars... (yes that's a santa hat on his shirt, he was wearing it under a tee shirt before his nap)

...And stop Daddy from putting on his sheet.

Then he decided to help.

Ta Da!

Ah, so comfy!

All done and ready to go!

Right now his family currently consist of Minnie mouse, Elmo and his bear. He loves to put them in his bed on his pillow to go to sleep and will tell me, "mom, be quiet family sleeping." He sure does love his "family".

His awesome spider man pajamas that we found on clearance for $5.99 at Sears to match his sheets!

Wow, what's with the 'come hither' pose Tyler?

Good night, sleep tight!

Next big boy phase? Potty Training. Let's just hold off on that for awhile-I'm all about baby steps.

Kylee's 2 mo. appointment

Kylee had her 2 mo. appt. on Tyler's bday (Feb. 17) which was 2 weeks before her actual 2 mo. bday, but it was the only time the doctor had available this month.

Her stats:
Weight- 9lbs. 7.5oz (25%) (She'll probably be closer to 10 lbs at 2 mo. though)
Height-21 inch. (15%)
Head size-(10%)

The doctor says she looks great and is as healthy as they come! I asked him about what I thought was baby acne, but he said it's actually craddle cap because the bumps start from the chest up. I know I'm no doctor, but I don't think he's right because her head isn't peeling and doesn't look like any of the pictures of craddle cap that I've seen, but the bumps aren't that bad and it doesn't seem to be bothering her so whatever. She obviously wasn't a fan of the shots, but the second I picked her up and "shooshed" her, she was happy as can be.

Kylee, we love having you in our family and it's amazing to me how much I can love both you and Tyler equally, yet differently. And I'm sure these feelings will only deepen as you both continue to grow and develop different personalities, strengths and talents. Thank you for choosing us Kylee, you are a special part of our home and have filled an empty spot in my heart I didn't even know that I had. Love you!

Tyler turns 2!

For Tyler's birthday this year we just had a small get together with some of his friends. When my family comes down for Kylee's blessing this weekend we're going to have another little celebration of sorts because it will be my brother Ty's birthday, so we're just going to have a joint birthday party for the both of them.

Tyler and Jillian playing with the balloons while waiting for his other friends to get there. (They are just about 2 weeks apart and we love having play dates with her once a week!) Here Tyler was saying,"1,2,3,4...BlastOff!"

They were crawling around acting like "crabs".


*I love that blowing out the flame scared him!

Everybody got their very own birthday cake-cupcakes to blow out! (thank you for the idea Funfetti cake mix box)


The attendees:
Sassy Kate ;0) (and her goofy dad)

Funny girl Jillian

Cutie pie Jake (He is Kate's older brother and is SUCH a nice kid, I love for Tyler to hang out with him!)

And of course the man of the hour...

On to the good stuff...the presents! (notice cupcake ALL over his shirt!)

Spiderman sheets for his "new" toddler bed!

and a Blues Clues movie! Thank you 196 min. of quality mindless entertainment!

After everyone went home and he had his bath, he saw another one of his presents (that we were saving to open for when my family came down) up in my closet and was so excited about it that I couldn't just not let him have it. Yea, I'm a softy...

A Diego wonder pad and markers. I need to kiss the man that invented this. Markers that ONLY work on this paper and nothing else. Halleluiah!

Sweet kisses for my sweet "baby" boy! He's sitting next to me right now while I'm posting this and he saw this picture and said, "oh kisses mommy!" and then he leaned over and gave me a kiss on my cheek. I laughed and said, "oh thank you Tyler I love kisses from you!" and then he leaned over and did it again. Then he said, "Bobby, I gave mommy kisses!" ha ha! I love this boy too much to even explain!

Don't worry, Kylee was gettin' some love too!

Happy Birthday my sweet 2 year old boy! I can't believe how fast you are growing up. I love watching you learn and am so thankful for the example you are to me. You are kind and loving and I love spending every moment of my day with you. I am so blessed to have you as my son and am excited to see the man you will one day become. Just don't grow up too fast. I love you! -mom