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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kylee's 3rd Birthday!!

Okay who has not said..."I can't Believe_____ is___ years old!" But seriously there is no better way to say it. I can't BELIEVE my Kylee is 3 years old!!!!

Somehow it felt slower with Tyler. (I mean don't get me wrong, I can't believe I almost have a 5 year old!!!) But somehow it all made sense. When he turned 1, and then 2, and so on, it felt...right. Time felt endless. Manageable. It was just him and I so much that I was really there for every moment. I was his entertainment, his joy, his sadness (he really hated baths), his encouragement, his nurse, his buddy, his life.

The first several months after Kylee was born were really hard for me. So mainly I just remember a lot of crying. From both of us ha ha! There were definitely good moments I remember like how SO soft her skin was and the way she smelled after a bath and her little, tiny nose, but it went by so fast. And then before I knew it, Tyler was her everything. And still is. They are very close. They fight hard and they play hard. They love each other so much sometimes I don't even quite understand it.

He is her entertainment 80% of the day, he is her joy, sadness, encouragement and buddy. I kinda feel like I'm playing a supporting role with her instead of the main one. Don't get me wrong she's my girl and when Tyler won't play princess with her (which sometimes he does :) ) or barbies or babies or anything girly she comes running to me and I LOOOVE the time we spend together pretending. AND it's why I'm secretly glad that Tyler is gone for a couple hours 3 days a week at pre-school because during those hours I get to be her everything and it's absolutely EVERYTHING to me! I really REALLY do love that they are so close (so I hope it doesn't sound like I'm complaining!!), but since I don't get as much one-on-one time with her as I did with Tyler as an only child, I just live for those moments of girl time! :) She loves to go shopping with me-anywhere!-and wants me to paint her nails ALL the time. When she's sad I'm the first person she wants and when she succeeds at something I'm the first person she runs to tell. Those are the moments I live for with her because it's when time feels endless and I can dream that she'll by my little girl forever.

It's almost like, since there's two of them, the time goes by twice as fast!!! With an older child it seems like she is growing up so much faster than he did because she has him teach her everything he knows-and he does! Just the other day I walked in his room and he was trying to teach her how to write some letters-love it!

Sooooo, this spunky, firecracker, sass talkin' diva (all covering a very sensitive spirit mind you) turned 3 on December 29. Unfortunately that's not the ideal time of year for party throwing but-as you know-I love birthdays so I had to do something for her!! :) (I have posted the details of her party on my craft blog if you just can't wait till I post it next week here :) )

I hung some streamers outside her door so she'd see them first thing when she woke up! She hated them and I had to part them like the red sea so she'd walk through her door.

I also snuck in her room while she was sleeping the night before and hung some balloons from her bed and a cluster of them on her door and her bookshelf.

We actually woke up before she did so we all went in to sing her Happy Birthday to wake her up like my sister Alisa does for her kids and she was GRUMPY! This girl likes her sleep and was NOT ready to wake up.

The only reason she got out of bed was because Tyler told her the kitchen looked SO great and she had to come see her presents! ha ha!

She had requested pink cupcakes with purple frosting for her birthday so that's what she got! (even though in this picture the frosting looks blue)

Nothin' better than a cupcake for breakfast on your birthday! (or any day for that matter)

After breakfast she got straight to work opening presents from family. Grandma Luci and Papa James sent her a fun alphabet game...

...and the movie Tinkerbell which is her new favorite movie!

We gave her a new baby doll with a hair dreyer and hair accessories (she saw it in the store and wanted it ALL month (dec) long and since Santa didn't bring it to her for Christmas she got it for her birthday-see there's one good thing about having a bday right after Christmas!

Tyler picked this barbie car out for her and I just couldn't say no since I had wanted one every year for my birthday growing up and never got one.

Later that day Macey and Mindy drove up from Springville so we headed to Carls jr. for lunch (kylee's choice).

We ended the day playing some Leap Frog, eating Pizza and watching Cars 2.

Happy Birthday my sweet Kylee. You are a beautiful little girl and I am SO lucky to be your momma. Thanks for choosing me.

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cnelson said...

They are all growing up too fast!!