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Friday, June 29, 2012

Miss me?!?!

 Miss me much?! Ha ha! Wow, it has been SOOO long since I've updated with pictures and stories and information on our family! A lot (major understatement :) ) has happened over the last 4 months so I'm trying to get caught up and there are over a 1,000 pictures on my computer that I have to go through and post but now that things have finally settled down-for now :)- you should see lots of posts going up over the next couple weeks.

You probably are pretty caught up on the major changes and events that have been going on with us from my random and sporadic facebook updates, but I really, really, really miss writing! It's a great outlet and therapeutic for me to have a place for all the crazy thoughts, feelings and ideas bouncing around in my head.

For now, I"ll just start where the blog left off....Random February cell phone pictures. :)

Our sweet little Ford Focus that we've driven for 7 years, and bought with only 23,000 miles, hit 111,111 miles in Feb, and it's still truckin' along!!

I still kinda can't believe that we survived driving this for the last 4 years as our only vehicle-traveling back and forth to st. George LOTS, 2 kids, school, work, and mine and the kids activities. I feel so blessed to have my AWESOME van now, she's my baby!! Two cars feels like such a luxury and I'm so so so thankful!

I <3 JB. And I may or may not have bought these valentine cupcakes for myself. And loved them.

Tyler's first attempt at cooking in the kitchen 100% solo. Good ol' PB&J. I was talking to my mom on the phone and in walks tyler with a PB&J he had made all by himself because, "I was I made a sandwich. It's good, do you want one?" ha ha!!

Beauty school time...

For Tyler's birthday he chose to go to Firehouse Pizza for dinner. While we were waiting for our food, Bobby gave me a math problem-completely out of the blue- he was SURE I wouldn't be able to solve. So he wrote the top two lines:
and then the rest of the numbers in green and told me to solve them.

It took me less than 5 minuets. And I haven't been in a math class for...10 years. BAM! Stay-at-home mom what?!?! ha ha, he was impressed and it felt good :)!

About once a month, we get a movie for the kids and let them stay up late and we have a movie night together. This night we rented Space Buddies and both Bobby and Kylee were asleep in the first 30 sweet. 

Both kids love to "run" on the treadmill.

They're always pretending something...this time it was "camping" in the living room. I love them!

Pictures from March coming soon!