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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Baby Animal Days

Okay so here goes MAJOR MAJOR catch-up over the last month! (Amanda and Ty consider the next 6 posts your letters for the week! :))

I had been wanting to take the kids to the American West Heritage Center Baby animal days, but didn't really want to try to manage 2 kids there alone (Bobby was going to be working), so I was so happy when Mindy called on Sat. and asked if I'd like to come with her family! The kids LOVED it and Tyler was so sad every time we had to leave one thing and go see something else. The poor kid could have stayed all day!

Me trying to convince Kylee that it's okay to touch the calf. Tyler wasn't afraid at all and just jumped right in petting (and trying to feed) every animal he could get his hands on.

PRECIOUS little Macey smiling for the camera! (She's just a couple months younger than Kylee so we get to play together a lot!)

Baby pony

Mindy helping Tyler pet the lamb

Kylee WAY more interested in the girls' hat than the animal she was holding.

After a little re-direction she noticed there was animal there.

How adorable is this?! Mindy got this picture right as the lamb licked little Macey right on the face!

Royce helping Tyler feed a calf through the fence.

All the piggies huddled up in the corner

Macey, Kylee and Tyler getting all up in those pigs business...

...which of course made them start to squeal, which in turn terrified the pants off Kylee.

Baby goats (i'm sure there's a technical farm name for that, but I don't care enough to go look it up)

Kylee really trying to get a good look at the animal on the other side of this fence.

Okay maybe it'll be better if I pull these bars apart...

Mindy picked up Tyler so he could watch the train come around the tracks and when he saw it for the first time his face just LIT up like Christmas morning!

My favorite boy in the universe!

The train that tyler would have ridden over and over and over (repeated a million times)

Kylee sharing goldfish with little Macey while waiting in line to ride the train

Adorable Ellett family on the train: Royce, Mindy and Macey

Tyler SO excited to be on the train! As we were getting on he just kept saying over and over, "I'm SO excited! I'm SO excited!"

Kylee going for a ride!

Royce helping Tyler rope the cow!

Wahoo! He did it!

The beautiful Clydesdale horses that pulled us in a wagon for a ride

On said wagon

Baby bear cubs visiting from Yellowstone (it was Yellowstone right?)

Baby bear cubs in logan :)

Kylee trying to feed the horses some hay...

Thanks again for inviting us Ellett's we had so much fun and I couldn't have made it through the day without your help!

A little Randomness to fill in the blanks...

Random pictures between our baby animal days adventure and Easter.

Bobby and Kylee dancing one night before bed

My friend Stacie (from TX) was in Slt. Lake area and came up to visit me for an afternoon. This is the picture Tyler took of her...

and of us. Sorry Stace this is the only one I have so you should probably send me your copy :)

I love that this is the view from my kitchen window. And the picture doesn't do it justice!

One day I was cleaning up the kitchen I heard tyler say, "So how was your day Kylee?" So I walked into the living room and they were sitting just like this...

I love how her head is all propped up on her hand and her little leg was just rocking back and forth like she could have sat and listened to him all day, ha ha!

I'm not sure if he's trying to bite her or kiss her but whatever it was she was laughing so hard!

Oh, it was a kiss!

The weather has been gorgeous here the past week so we've gone on lots of walks and spent a few afternoons over at the park just around the corner from our house. Whenever we start our walk over to the park Kylee reaches out her hand for Tyler to take it and he happily obliges her. She won't let me hold her hand...only Tyler. Tyler's so used to it now, that if Kylee doesn't reach out for him as soon as we're out of the house he'll say, "okay baby girl you need to hold my hand." I love when they are so sweet together.

Kylee hates walking on anything that has a weird texture so Tyler knows to go slowly over the yellow bumpies with her because she's nervous. He's very patient with her.

Kylee was LOVING Tyler pushing her in the swing.

He was so proud of himself for climbing the wall to sit on the ledge!


We started our Easter morning off with Tyler planting some seeds that he will get to grow on his very own (tomato, strawberry and basil-he choose them)

Then it was off on (a very disorganized) easter egg hunt through the living room. There was a little mis-communication between Bobby and I and he told Tyler to go ahead and start finding the eggs before he had been given a basket to collect them in so I just grabbed the closest thing to me that he could put eggs in. Hence the girly "basket" he's using, ha ha!

Poor Kylee was a little confused cause in the rush to find Tyler something to put all the eggs in he was finding we didn't explain to her what to do. But she was happy just watching Tyler dash around to grab every egg in sight! I think Bobby underestimated Tyler's egg finding ability cause he found every egg, even the "hard" ones, in less than 3 min. We're going to get you next year Tyler, just you wait!

While they were finding eggs, mommy had to improvise quickly with the easter bunny and helped him hide their baskets in their rooms. Kylee got 4 princess books (which are a too advanced for her right now but I'm hoping she will love them as much as Tyler does one day! ha ha, he seriously loves stories with wicked witches and princesses!)

Tyler got some more trains to add to his ever-growing collection! They're his absolute favorite thing right now.

After conference we dyed eggs together-which Tyler loved again this year! Last year we were in St. George for Easter and my mom gave Tyler this "easter kit" box that had an egg dying tablecloth, egg dying kit, and that apron she made so that he wouldn't get any dye on his clothes. I love it because I don't have to worry about anything getting spilled or messed up because when we're done I just throw everything in the wash and it's ready to go for the next year!

He's all about dumping the eggs in with his hand and then holding them down in the water. No matter how many times we told him his hand didn't need to be in the cup with the egg, he just didn't believe us.

Which is probably why his hand was the same color pink as the egg for the next 3 days.

Little miss Kylee just watching. She probably would have enjoyed dumping the eggs in too, but she was pretty content to just sit there and watch so we let her. Maybe next year baby girl.

Notice most of our eggs this year are some shade of pink...