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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Utensil Oranizer

Have you ever had every single night you go to cook dinner one of those days where you want to throw every kitchen utensil you own in the TRASH because they're all jammed so tightly into one drawer you can only HOPE that you'll be able to find the potato masher and that it won't be impossibly intertwined with the wisk, a mixer blade and the pizza cutter? My solution?

Counter-top-Utensil organizer! Come see what I did over at my other home!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome home Hermana Nelson!!!!

We are SO excited that she's HOME!

The St. George airport is really small so we were able to wait right outside of her "gate" and watch her walk in from the airplane. The welcoming committee:

We arrived about 30 min. before she came so there was a lot of waiting...

and eating PEZ...

and playing with cars...

And then we saw her plane land and we were able to watch her walk off from this window in the lobby area

This is a classic mom crying face. I LOVE it because it's her happy-cry face :) and I can just feel the love she has for Amanda. I snapped this right when she saw Amanda through the glass for the first time.

You don't see my dad in any of these "waiting" pictures because he flew to Salt Lake to surprise Amanda! (She flew into SLC first and then from SL to SG).

We were all cheering and clapping when we saw her through the window!

Mom hugged her first!

And didn't let go for awhile!!!

Tyler was a little shy at first but he did remember her which sorta surprised me.

Grandma and Grandpa Olson were able to make it out to the airport too!

Finally the sisters got a turn with her!

A group of friends who came to see her at the airport also.

Our FAMILY! (minus Nate-who was not interested in taking a picture, Ty-still on his mission, and Bobby-back in Logan for work/school)

Letting go of the balloons outside the airport (as in cutting the mission cord :) )

Alisa and I took the kids home while Amanda went to the church to be released. I love that they're at the age that they really can entertain themselves.

So good to be HOME! (I'm sure that's what she's thinking here)

Kylee-not at all interested in Amanda, or taking pictures. Tyler-in L.O.V.E.. Nate-grinning and bearing it so he can go back to playing with his car.

Now THAT is some serious tan lines.

We had wanted to go to TX Roadhouse for dinner (her plane arrived at 4:45 on Fri. April 15th) but there was a 2 hr wait so we opted for quick and easy. How about we re-introduce Amanda to American cuisine with a shake the size of your head. Perfect.

Tyler-still smitten

Kylee-still grumpy. No nap for 2 days=unhappy child.

I was able to stay down there for a week so we were able to fit in LOTS of fun! (beware of a bajillion pictures to follow!)

First off on Sat. was Nate's 3rd birthday party!

There was present opening...

blowin' out candles...

cake eating...

picture taking... (we all wore soccer shirts amanda brought back from Paraguay b/c Nate's party was sports themed)

Duck watching...

(and apparently there was something foggy on my lens)

Some pinata hitting...

candy grabbin'...

and that was a wrap! (L-R Tyler, Josie (nate's cousin), Nate, Kylee, Dalin (nate's cousin), and Jayz (friend of their family), and of course Alisa and Skyler in the back)

On Sunday Amanda gave her homecoming talk and several of her companions from the mission that have returned home came down from Provo to welcome her home!

It was fun to get to know some of them and hear some CRAZY stories from the mission!

The spread...Man my mom can throw a party!

On Mon. we blew up Nate's pool from his birthday and the kids went swimming! (I love the heat!!! Logan is killing me!)

Just looking at these pictures makes me want to jump in the car and drive straight back down there!

Tues. and Wed. we mainly just hung out and talked, played games, went to Target!!!, ate some dang good food, and let the cousins play!

Thursday was the day before we left so we chalked it full of FUN, FUN, FUN! First we went to Jumpin' Jacks-Tyler's only request in St. george, and the boys loved taking amanda up and down every slide!

This little princess doesn't go near anything there. She is scared of pretty much anything big and loud. SO she hung out in this chair by me most of the time.

And when she wasn't doing that she wanted to play this game over and over. Run from across the room toward me with arms wide open...

And then jump into my arms for a great big hug!

I love it when she gives me super tight hugs!

This is her...I'm about to do something naughty and I think it's hilarious face. Lower lip in, eyes narrowed, hand on hip.

When they were all worn out, we had a quick pizza lunch and then headed home to lay them down for naps where my dad watched them so ALL the girls could go out for pedicures!!!

Me, Alena and mom

Amanda and Alisa

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things just doesn't belong. (ha ha totally kidding Alena, I love it!)

After the kids woke up from naps we headed over to a nearby park where my mom set up an easter egg hunt for the kids.

The boys knew exactly what to do and were all over the place finding eggs.

My sweet little Kylee was more timid and wanted me right next to her as she looked for eggs.

Every single time she found one she would hold it out SOOO excitedly for everyone to see!

Nate was finding them faster than he could even put in his bag! ha ha this kid cracks me up!

The mommas counting to make sure each kid had the right number of eggs.

After they found all the eggs grandma told them that they had easter baskets hiding for them and they need to GO FIND THEM!

So everyone took off!

The kids were just full of giggles, laughter and excitement. I LOVE the pure joy kids bring to life!

They found them!

Helping the boys dig into their goodies!

Tyler loved his bubbles...

and his new shovel!

Thank you for being the best grandma EVER!

Kylee was so happy she got a new PINK purse and necklace!

She sure does love that grandma!

The weather was absolutely perfect the whole week we were down there so we enjoyed spending the evening at the park just being together as a family!

Uh-oh! I think there's a slight problem...

Yep...there they go! ha ha-LOVE this boy!

SO SO SO happy to have all the sisters back together again! I love each of them so much and am amazed (but not surprised :) ) at the amazing women each of them have become. I am so blessed to be apart of such a wonderful family. Love yall!

(and miss being there so so so so much! It may or may not be due to the weather but you know I miss you too. :) )