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Monday, August 30, 2010

A literal lesson

So a couple morning ago I was getting ready in the bathroom and Tyler was playing with his "guys" (action figures, fighting dudes, toy boy dolls, i don't know what you're supposed to call them) and he was quoting movie lines back and forth between the 2 guys he was holding. I'm not entirely sure what movie it was, I'm guessing Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs as that's been his most recent addiction, when I hear him say, "You shut up right now okay?" Then the guy in his other hand responds, "are you talking to me?! You shut up!"

Um. Excuse me?!

So I whirled him around, got right down on his level, looked him in the eye and in my best, I'm being dead serious, this is important, you better be listening mom voice said, "Tyler, we do not say shut up. That is a very mean thing to say and we talk kindly to everyone, even our toys. We do not say shut up in this house." (Italics to show firmness in voice :))

He looks at me square in the eye, with a puzzled look on his face and so innocently asks, "Then where can I say it?"

Ha ha! I lost all control and busted up laughing. I love they way their minds work!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Family Rules/Values canvas

We just got back yesterday from a WONDERFUL family vacation to Missouri and since I have 193 pictures to go through-and a couple loads of laundry calling my name- I thought I'd post my latest craft project I finished a couple weeks ago while you *anxiously* await my post from our trip.

I'll start by warning you there are lots of pictures from this project because I am IN LOVE with the way it turned out. Probably because my husband did most of the work and I just supervised and corrected and was more annoying than ever (I promised him this would be the last one I'd make him do for me....but I had my fingers crossed behind my back. That's still legit right?)

Anyway...I present to you the Bricker Family Rules/Values project-first seen and fell madly in love with here. Thanks for the cute idea MaryBeth!

Okay so I'll give you a short little step-by-step for how I went from this (old pantry doors for $4 from DI):

... To this!

First we started out by sawing the doors in half so I could use the bottom of the doors as my canvas.

Ready to go "canvases"

Top of the pantry doors that are awaiting me for another project I have in the works...

Then we sanded down the doors and spray painted them a pretty bright yellow (the yellow paint I had left over from my pot project.) It's actually a slight shade brighter than I wanted but the original wood was so dark we had to do an extra coat to cover it, but I think the paper we added tones it down a little.

While Bobby did the "manly" work, I picked out matchy scrapbook paper (which my mom had brought down for me from St. George the last time she visited) and printed out the rules and values in adorable fonts I found for free here. (This took me the longest out of the whole project because I'm SO indecisive!) And then Mod-podged them till they begged for me to stop. Okay really Bobby did this part too b/c I kept getting bubbles in the paper and the perfectionist in me was dying.



We finally agreed on a spot to hang them

They now sit above our kitchen table in the dining area. The picture of the temple/family proclamation was above the table before and is now off to the right which we had to do for sizing issues. They were longer and narrower than I was originally planning on making them (each panel is 12 inch. wide and 35 inch. long) so we had to adjust some things, but I think they turned out perfectly! And I love having the temple on the other wall which was blank before.

In case you can't read all the rules from the picture, I listed them below. Some are borrowed, most of them are my own.

~Learn from your mistakes
~Sing silly, dance crazy, tickle lots, laugh loudly
~Mind your manners
~Family comes first, always be there
~Make messes...and then clean them up
~Hands are for hugging not for hitting
~Laugh instead of cry
~Obey your parents
~Husband-Adore your wife always Wife-Love him forever
~Speak Kindly
~Stand for Truth and Righteousness
~Snuggle Mommy, Wrestle Daddy
~Hug, Kiss and Say I love you every day
~Pray Always
~Don't grow up too fast

Values up close:

*Total project cost: $4 (doors were $4, paint was left over from previous project, scrapbook paper was from my mom, mod podge and paint brush I've had forever, nails to hang already had...and that's it)

Story behind the rules/values:
I was sitting in the mall play area and there were very few kids playing so Tyler and Kylee had lots of room to run around and play and they were so happy. Just truly happy, carefree and loving every moment of there simple, wonderful life and as I watched them I thought, this is what it's all about. This is what childhood should be. It should be full of laughter, and smiles, and happiness, and enjoyment. And in this moment of inspirational, uninterrupted, bliss I pulled out a half-gnawed on pen and an old receipt and began to write down the things I wanted to have as rules in our family. What values I wanted our children to grow up with. Things we could see everyday and be reminded of-even as adults. And so, the Rules and Values were born. And I could not be happier with the way everything turned out. I giggle every time I walk past them in our kitchen and give myself a little pat on the back for the good work Bobby did. :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Kylee and her baby

Right now Kylee is LOVING her baby doll. For awhile it was her little pink bear that she wanted for naps and bedtime, but over the last week her life revolves around "baby".

She likes to climb in the bathtub with Tyler and "bathe" her baby. If they'll ask me if they can get in the tub to wash the baby and I say "no, not right now" Kylee will give me the most puppy dog sad eyes you ever saw and say (in her most cutest, hopeful voice ever), "baf? baby? baf? baby?" And if those attempts still haven't pushed me over the edge she'll add an ever so cute, " peeeeease!"

She eats with her...

she sings to her...

she takes her on walks...

she snuggles her...

(and then I have to jump in and get my snuggles from my baby too!)

she sleeps with her...

every night...

Only one picture sans baby....Mickey mouse getting a bedtime story.

She's also pretty crazy about Mickey right now. This pic is blurry b/c it's taken standing from her doorway, zoomed in like 5 times cause I knew if she saw me she'd stop reading to Mickey. She was even pointing to the things in the book and telling him what they were. The second she wakes up in the morning she's running around looking for him saying, "mi-ey mooouuuse!"

I kinda love her to death.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Good. Shot. Dad.

So tonight before bed we were playing a little-simplified version of-dodgeball. It's non stop laughter, squeals, and giggles and the kids LOVE us to chase them and "knock" them down with the ball. They get SO excited when they "get" us and since we try to play it up for their benefit (although truth be-told we don't always have to pretend as Tyler has pretty good aim and can take Bobby down if Bobby's not watching;) ) we'll howl and whither in pain and Tyler will laugh so hard he can barely breathe. (not so sure that's a good thing. hopefully he knows that we're pretending so that's why it's funny...) Kylee is my little protector though and hates to see me get hurt! If Bobby and I are going at it throwing balls at each other, or sometimes he'll pick me up and throw me down on the couch, or maybe he's trying to wrestle a ball away from me, and then I'll scream, Kylee will think I'm hurt and rush over to me with a terrified look on her face and reach her arms out to me and start to cry. And then she won't let go of me until Bobby has gone far away from me. If he starts to come back close to me she'll shake her finger and say, "no no!" Sometimes I let Bobby attack me just cause I want her to come love on me! :)

Anyway, this story is about Tyler so back to the point...tonight Bobby threw a ball at Tyler right where it counts (not on purpose). As Tyler has thrown his fair share of balls at Bobby in this exact location he's seen the way Bobby reacts to them. This time as soon as the ball hit him he froze, his eyes got big, he turned his knees into each other, dropped his hands over the injured area and s l o w l y fell to the floor. He closed his eyes, rolled over to his side and said, with what sounded like his very last breaths of life, "" We were a little shocked and right before we could quite figure out what to do he jumped right up and started laughing so hard! He said, "ha ha. that's what daddy does huh?!"

Nothing slips past these kids. Here's a few shots from our little game...

Kylee saying, "yay!" in the background b/c tyler just nailed daddy in the head.

Ky's turn

She's looking in bewilderment at Bobby cause he just threw a ball at her belly and she did NOT like it!

It made daddy sad that he hurt his baby girl

proof that i was playing too!

Her running to me when bobby attacked me

When we told him we had to stop playing he was trying so hard to make a pouty face but he was still laughing too hard so it didn't quite work.

Hope you're having a good weekend too!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Motherhood: An Eternal Partnership with God

Anybody else need this today? I love being a mother, BEST thing in the world! Awesome video by Elder Holland!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

St. George and CA Vacays!

I loved the HOT sun of St. George and the sunny beach in California! I think being in Logan for awhile has made me despise cold! It was over 110 while we were in southern Utah and I LOVED it. I wanted to soak up every UV ray the sun was dishing out! In California the weather was of course perfect and if hadn't been for the 7 people crammed in one hotel room (3 kids under 3 included) I think I would have stayed forever. We always miss Bobby when we take these long trips away (aka 2 weeks-I don't know how those army wives do it...seriously I couldn't do it. I'm too needy. Ask my husband-or anyone in my family for that matter). I have so much fun hanging out with my sisters and mom, trying for the life of me to understand my dad's sense of humor, visiting with my grandparents, and letting the kids swim their little hearts out-okay just Tyler, Kylee stays stuck to me like super glue in the water-but anyway you get it. We have fun and I look forward to every trip down there! I will say though, after 2 weeks it's good to be home and sleeping in a room that is absent of children.

While we were in St. George:

  • I celebrated my 27th Bday! Woot woot! my mom and sister took me out for a special birthday lunch and we spent the rest of the afternoon swimming! This was a sweet collage my mom made for me and posted on her blog for my bday. I love it because each picture means something special to me. It must've taken her hours to go through all the pictures and pick out the perfect ones!
  • Celebrated our 6th anniversary; first one apart :(. Can you even call it "celebrate" if one of you is not actually there? Sad, but he did get me the best gift ever! He's publishing my blog into a book! He started working on it, but didn't finish it because he wanted my input on the design. smart man. We're just going to do the first 2 years (07 & 08) now and then next year we'll do the next 2. I'm so excited to have all of my "work" bound into something tangible. And knowing that we're going to print this years' as well, it gives me a little more encouragement to get everything down and put in lots of pictures so I'll have it for my kids in the future. So excited to get it printed!
  • Went to the Splash Park (a MUST do in St. George)- mom chasin' the boys

  • Saw SO many cousins and aunts and uncles(from my dad's side) that I haven't seen in...years. Like years years. They were in St. George at a timeshare the same weekend we were able to be there having their own family reunion of sorts. It was awesome to be able to catch up and meet all of their adorable kids!
My cousin Jesse and I are just 6 days apart!

My dad and Jesse's mom (my Aunt Jan)

Alisa, my cousin Jayme and I at Jumpin' Jacks' in St. George (another must while we're there)

Jayme and her adorable daughter Raelynn

Happiest baby ever

Nate on a slide

Tyler on the slide (the 2 of them just did this one over and over and over)

Kylee doesn't like any of the jumpy things so she was just real concerned about eating her fruit snacks

Tyler was clapping his hands and saying, "I'm SO excited!"

Our last visit with the cousins my grandma was there as well so I took this picture for my dad of him, his mom and sister (just one brother who lives in VA missing :( missed you Aunt Christa and Uncle Rod!

  • Celebrated Pioneer day (coincidentally also our anniversary) in Ivans at a city park festival.
We didn't know they were going to have a slip n slide so we just took off his shirt and had him go in his shorts. The first time he went he jumped onto it and landed straight on his cute little buttox bone.

He was NOT a happy camper

He was FURIOUS that Alena was trying to take his picture when he was mad-hence the arm in front of his face

Once he figured out it was better to go down on your belly, we had better results.

He did not however, get over his fear of ferris wheels.

Poor kid. I am dying laughing right now just remembering this experience.

Don't worry we made it up to him by giving him a train ride. Yes, still shirtless.

Kylee did about the only thing she could for stuff and win a prize!

Papa took good care of her the whole time

Even though she was a tad skeptical of the sun hat he so proudly wears. You just have to know my dad. Really if you don't, you're missing out.

She was so hot and tired Papa got her a bear to try and cheer her up

But what really did it were the snow cones at the end!

The following week we went to CA (my mom, Alisa, nate, Alena, me, Tyler and Kylee-count it...7. S.E.V.E.N. people in a car + all of our stuff. In one car.) We like to challenge ourselves. That's just how we roll. Soooooo here's what we did...

  • We spent a LOT of time in traffic. I think my mom calculated that it was a total of 18 hours of riding in the car throughout those 5 days. Unfortunately this is why I would never, ever, ever live there. Ever. At least anywhere near LA. It was insane. Granted having 3 little kids in the car, and no where to put our feet, may have made us a little more on edge than normal, but we did okay. Nobody killed anybody; although I won't lie and say threats weren't made, so it was a success. Right? And then my poor kids (and let me just throw myself into that pity party if it's going on anyway) had to turn around and drive another 6 hours home to Logan on Sun. after driving 6 hours home from CA on Sat.) Such troopers!

    Tyler and Nate in the back watching what appears to be a very intense movie

    Kylee tried to stay entertained with oreos

    We were all glad to go to sleep that night!
  • But when we weren't driving we were swimming in the Hotel pool, Alena did lots of clothes shopping for school, we visited with my sweet Aunt and uncle, saw the house my mom grew up in, where she went to high school, and played on the Beach she lived at every summer (her house was just a couple blocks from the beach-how awesome would that be!)
Random pic of the kids walking through the mall holding hands (this happened almost everywhere we went)

The collage my mom put together...LOVE these pics; like Tyler and nate watching a movie on the bed in their floaties, Kylee posing on the beach (we'd say, "okay Kylee make a pose" and she'd lay back and look out toward the ocean every time!), Kylee yawning as Alisa reads bedtime stories. Not that you can't see for yourself, i just wanted to mention my faves...

And some more from my camera...

I stayed with the kids one afternoon during naps while the girls went shopping, but Tyler doesn't really nap anymore so while this one...

and this one were napping...

Tyler and I entertained ourselves by taking silly pictures of each other!

Love him! :)

  • And finished up our visit spending a couple days with my Grandpa who is TOTALLY rocking 90 (almost 91)! He is SO hilarious and, I might be bias, but very good looking! :)
The kids loved eating out on his back patio. It is beautiful with potted plants and flowers everywhere (that he still takes care of himself!)

Somehow it ended up that they were all wearing orange that day, I swear we didn't plan it I'm not that cheesy...all the time.

All the kids were obsessed with his duck coasters. Kylee sat and played with it for 30 min. I offered Grandpa 5 bucks to let us take it back in the car ride with us but I guess he thought I was being too cheap and wouldn't give em up :)

My mom and her daddy, don't they look awesome!

Whew! So much fun! So crazy! Good times and great memories! I heart family!