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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Videos Galore!

So if you're in the mood for a Bricker movie marathon you will enjoy this post. If not...this is not the post for you. They're all less than a minute and some are just a couple seconds, but I love the stage that my kids are in right now and kind of can't stop taking videos of them! And with that warning we shall proceed oldest to most recent.

The 2 best parts of this video: Her awesome sour face at the beginning and her adorable yoga move at the end.

Kylee's first time waving on camera-which she did for the first time a little over 2 weeks ago. At first I was just trying to catch this little game she plays with us on camera-she yells, "UH!" and then wants us to copy her-but she wouldn't do it so I settled for the wave. (she's usually a lot more excited about waving but she was really tired)

My girlfriend loves to clap-which she also started doing 2 weeks ago! I love how she gets so excited the only thing she can do is start frantically rocking back and forth. She's such a happy baby!

Daddy making Kylee laugh

So now I'm trying to get her to clap or wave and the only thing she wants to do is play "the game"! My favorite part of this one is the last couple of seconds where she makes a cute silly face like she has something horribly sour in her mouth. She's been doing this a lot recently and I love it!

It's hard for me to get a video of her waving and clapping since I'm holding the camera, so here Tyler was helping me out.

And just in case you haven't got your fill of my dear, sweet Kylee here are some pictures to satisfy you! :)

This is what she does when she's tired...poor girl.

She's a pro at picking up food...

...and eating it.

Either out of daddy's hand...

...or off her foot.

This looks like the beginning pose of a crawler??? Come on Kylee, you can do it!

Thank you for this headband Auntie Alisa!

I love that the flower is the size of my HEAD! :)

I guess Kylee wanted in on the P.T. action. Is 8 mo. too soon? (And she would like to thank her Auntie Rebekah for this adorable outfit!!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

St. George temple

My sister Amanda went through the St. George temple on Wed. Aug. 12 to receive her temple ordinances in preparation for her mission. I was able to go through the temple with my sister Alisa before she got married and really wanted to be there for Amanda as well, being that it is such an important and special time. It happened to work out that it was the day after Bobby's parents were leaving so I dropped them off in Salt Lake and just continued on to St. George returning home on Thur. It was a really quick trip but I took Tyler with me for company in the car (and because my family said I couldn't come unless I brought one-or both- of the kids :)). Bobby stayed home Tues, wed and Thur. with Kylee which was a huge help because I'm not sure I would have made it with 2 kids all by myself. Tyler was GREAT in the car, slept some, watched some movies, read books, colored and chatted with me the whole way there. He didn't cry or whine even once (there or back) and kept me awake when I started to get sleepy. It was so nice to have a couple days where it was just me and my bud again! (Let's just not talk about the speeding ticket I got on my way home-which woke Tyler up from his nap, ugh!) I was a little nervous to leave Kylee with Bobby for that long, just because I know it's hard when she's waking up in the night and stuff, but of course for the first time ever she slept from 8pm to 8am every day! (she usually sleeps through the night, but doesn't go to bed till about 8:30 and is up around 7:00)

Anyway we had a great time and I am so in love with my family it's kind of ridiculous! Every time I go back down there I realize how much more I want to be there all the time!

Wed. morning we spent over at Alisa's house so the cousins could play and then we went to the splashpad!

Tyler loved Nate's "little park" (if it has a slide-it's a park.)

Then we went to the splashpad, which Tyler may have liked a little more had it not been overcast and cool...

Although Nate didn't seem to mind...

That evening my mom, dad, alisa, amanda and myself went to the temple and had an awesome time! (Obviously, do you ever not have an awesome time when you're at the temple?!) But it was even more special since amanda was going through for the first time. I loved being in the celestial room with my family...there's just something so perfect about being there together. I can't wait till Ty and Alena can go through so we can all be there and experience that joy together.

I have such a special family!

Then we went home and took pictures because...I don't know, we like too?

Yep ladies, that's a six-pack...

LOVE these girls!!!!!!!

Then Tyler started to feel left out

LOVE this boy!!!!!!

After I put Tyler to bed, we sat on the couch and talked for a couple hours (waiting for Ty to get home from his friends) and then Alisa, Amanda, Ty and I went to Denny's at midnight for dessert(it's our sibling tradition-it used to just be me and alisa, and then when amanda was old enough she started to come, and now that ty has graduated from HS he's coming too. Soon Alena...soon.).

To me, Ty will always be 8 years old. That's how old he was when I left for college and since I didn't get to see him grow up, in my mind, he never has. I've actually never sat down with Ty and had a "real" conversation with him because whenever I'm home he's usually off doing his own thing or I'm busy with my kids, so I can't even tell you how much I enjoyed "getting to know" my little brother. At Denny's. At midnight. We're all growing up and I love that our relationships are getting stronger and we're able to laugh, and talk and really enjoy our time together. He is a special kid (like cool, not "special") and I love him to death! Good luck at Snow College bud, you'll do great! (my parents dropped him off last fri.)

So congratulations to Amanda and Ty for taking the next big steps in their lives! We love you both!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Grandma Luci and Papa James come to visit!

I can count the number of times we've seen Bobby's family on one hand (sad huh?!) so it is always a HUGE treat when we get to see them!! His mom, Luci, and stepdad, James, were able to fly out from Missouri and spend some time with us and it was so wonderful to watch Tyler get to know them. They are so loving and kind, and it makes me so sad that we are not closer so that our kids could interact with them more, but we did have a great time while they were here and made the most of it!

Grandma made sure to bring her album of pictures of things that have taken place over the last several years so we could see-mainly their amazing garden!

Papa James and Kylee

Tyler wanted Grandma to play outside with him pretty much the entire time she was here.

She brought him this little dunebuggy car that is pretty much awesome. Needless to say it is Tyler's new favorite toy-he thought it was so cool that it would climb up his leg, roll over and keep on driving.

That night we went to the Cache Valley Fair and Grandma bought Tyler his first pony ride and Tyler was so excited!
Waiting in line...

Papa James let Tyler borrow his hat for the ride

It's a good thing grandma Luci was holding Tyler on the pony because, as you can probably see from the picture, the girl wasn't too concerned about whether or not the children were falling off.

Unfortunately it was rainy and cold and the kids weren't dressed for the weirdo august weather so we called it a night pretty early when Kylee fell asleep all bundled up in grandma's coat. (but of course not before eating our fair share of fair food-I'm still dreaming about funnel cakes)

The next day was Sun. and it was nice to have grandma and papa at church with us.

So handsome!

And since we meet from 1:00-4:00 now(with sacrament meeting last-and I thought tyler was getting out of control before-ha!) we just spent the evening relaxing and catching up.

On Mon. we went to the Willow Park zoo in the morning to show G&P how much Tyler loves the animals.

Just cause I think she's scrumptious!

Right outside the zoo there is a nice park and a convenient shaved ice booth, so we enjoyed both!
Kylee's first taste of shaved ice...she pretty much ate the whole cup-thanks papa!

Tyler making a volcano-which he later erupted.

Grandma waiting patiently at the top of the slide for Tyler to make his way up there.

Later Mon. evening we went to the mouth of the Logan Canyon (1st dam) and grilled porkchops, feed the ducks and played.

Bobby would give Tyler bread...

Sometimes he would throw it...

...and sometimes he would eat it.

When we got home he pulled the cooler (full of ice, all our leftover food and utensils) all the way from the parking lot to our front door. It took him awhile, but he never stopped for a rest or wanted any help. He may be small, but he is tough!

Grandma read him stories before he went to bed that night (actually every night)

And papa James was very protective of Kylee, he was always just an arms length away from her, always coming to her aid if she needed anything!

The next morning we drove them to Salt Lake and said goodbye. We were sad to see them go, but are eagerly looking forward to the next time we will get to see them!!! Thank you for spending time with us, we sure love you!