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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Welcome Kylee Noelle Bricker

At 1:57 pm on December 29 Kylee was born weighing 6 lbs. 8 oz. and is 19 in. long. Angela and the baby are doing well and we will be home on December 31. We will post more pictures later.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Please make it stop!

I've been having pretty consistent contractions since 4:30 this morning and still no baby! For the first couple hours they were coming every 7-10 min. with about the same intensity (about 30 sec. long)-similar to menstrual cramps. Then for the next hour they were every 5-7 min. so I really thought this was the real thing and was so disappointed when they started to fluctuate all over the place over the next 2 hours. (anywhere from 3-25 min. apart) I was really frustrated because I either wanted to progress or for them to stop because what's the point of having contractions all day with no results?! Ugh! I decided to go ahead and go to church to try to get my mind off everything (contractions had tapered off to about every 15-20 min. during church) and I made it till about the last 10 min. and then we had to go because I was so uncomfortable. I came home and was able to sleep for a couple hours and when I woke up I was only having a contraction once every 30 min. or so, but then around 5:30 till now (9:30) they've been coming every 10 min. again, but they are much more intense and lasting longer than they were this morning. What is going on?! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow at 3:00 and my doctor better have some good news for me because I really can't take much more than this! Apparently this is payback for not having any contractions with Tyler. Any advice anyone?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas 2008

Well I'll begin by saying; no baby yet. Sigh. I really thought she would come before Christmas, but it looks like she's going to be late. I know there are still 5 more days till my due date, but at last weeks appt. the nurse practitioner (my doctor had to leave to go deliver a baby right before he was supposed to come in and see me-really grumpy about that!) said that there was absolutely nothing going on and the baby was still really high and I haven't had ANY contractions so I know I haven't progressed any since then either. So, yea...I probably have awhile longer.

This is the first Christmas I've had without being with my family, so it was a little weird to have it just be the three of us this year, but nice to be able to relax and enjoy the day on our own schedule. Christmas with Tyler was SO much more fun this year than last because he really got into it and understood a lot more of what was going on. The only problem is he thinks that Santa comes every night now and asked to put out cookies for Santa again last night and we had to explain that Santa came to our house last night and ate the cookies and tonight he is back home with his reindeer. Then this morning he walked straight to the Christmas tree and asked where his presents were from Santa and we had to remind him that Santa already left him his presents, and we showed him what he got and he got excited all over again. Christmas is so much fun with little ones who get so excited about the simplest of things. Can't wait till next year, when we'll have two little ones vying for presents under the tree.

Here are some pictures from our day.
Tyler putting out Santa's milk and cookies on the fireplace. He had a hard time understanding why he couldn't eat the cookies, but didn't put up a fuss when we told him they were for Santa Clause!

Opening his first present

He LOVES Dora and Diego!

Opening his present from Aunt Rebekah and Uncle Nathan (thanks again guys!)

A puppy that you can walk!

He just walks the dog around the house all day saying, "C'mon puppy." It's SO cute!

Trying to figure out how to open his present from Santa

A little help from Daddy

Could it be?

Yea, the workbench I would NOT stop playing with at Sam's Club. (I promise he was more excited than he looks in this picture!)

Helping daddy take everything out to put it together

Playing away...

This is the only picture he would give me looking at the camera

We had a beautiful white Christmas, so after lunch we took Tyler out and played in the snow!
Making a snowball

Daddy starting our snowman

Definitely not getting back up on his own!

Good job dad! Tyler liked helping roll the snowballs, but sometimes he would wander off by himself and fall down in the snow. Since he couldn't get up on his own, he would just sit there and wait for one of us to come pick him up.

At the very end Bobby convinced Tyler that it should be a snow"bunny" instead of a snow"man", so Tyler was pretty stoked about putting bunny ears on it.
Oh needs a mouth.

That's better!

Then we went inside, had naps and then ate our leftovers from Christmas dinner the night before (we had the missionaries over for dinner so opted to make the traditional Christmas dinner for them on Christmas eve). But I have to mention, while I was napping Bobby gave me the BEST Christmas present ever! He did all the dishes from our big dinner the night before, as well as all the dishes from Christmas day, which was a TON-especially since we don't have a dishwasher! He is too good to me!

Merry Christmas to all...

...and to all a good night!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa pictures

Well our ward party was a couple weeks ago, but it seems we're running behind on everything this year so I'm just getting around to posting these!

Santa Clause picture 2008:
He would NOT look at Santa. We were really hoping for a "crying santa picture" (I know we're mean, but they're just cuter) but Tyler just wanted nothing to do with him. This face says, "please hurry up and take the picture so I can get off this weird guys lap."

"seriously mom, put the camera down and come get me."

Santa Clause picture 2007: (was not taken at a ward party)
Hmmm....same indifference to Mr. Clause. Maybe one day he'll care.

Santa gave Tyler a candy cane for sitting on his lap which we let him have as we were driving home. Mistake? (notice our Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the background-nothing bigger would fit :( )

"Please don't take it away."

"They are just soooo delicious!"

Friday, December 19, 2008


It was about 1:00 in the morning last night and Bobby and I were just heading off to bed (we haven't been to bed before midnight once this week, we have been SO busy getting this crazy house organized and ready for a baby, oh yea, and Christmas) so we were a little out-of-it. I started to doze off as soon as my head hit the pillow when all of a sudden a silent, but deadly smell immediately wakes me up. I sat up in bed and said, "No you didn't!" As innocently as possible Bobby tries to deny that he was the producer of any such smell. Whatever! We have this deal that if one of us needs to release gaseous fumes from our body we will leave the room so the other doesn't have to smell it. It's just common courtesy.

I was so mad because all I wanted to do was fall asleep and instead I was trying not to throw up-it was really bad, he had a buffalo burger and fries for dinner. So I frustratedly said, "Bobby, I understand that you just got in bed and are comfortable and didn't want to have to get back up, but WHY do they always have to smell so bad?! I just don't understand that, mine never smell...that bad."

His response: (totally matter-of-factly) Angela. It's because I'm older.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


As most of you know, we currently live in a VERY small apartment in USU's on-campus family housing. While we love our ward, our neighbors (except the ones downstairs that make us stinky-well we love them, we just don't love to be with them), our close access to the laundry room, and the price, we hate that we have zero amount of space and are literally living right on top of one another. There is 2 feet of space between Tyler's crib and the baby's bassinett and about 3 feet of space between the couch and the TV. Tyler has nowehere to play and now that it's winter and we'll be snowed in most days, the both of us are startig to go a little crazy-and there's not even a baby here yet!

We decided that we'd rather pay another $50/month and have more space than live with this much longer so we put our names on the waiting list for a townhome in the middle of Nov. We actually put our names on the list for a townhome before we even moved to Logan, but there wasn't one available at the time we moved in so they took us off the list. We figured since it was cheap and not that bad of a place we'd stick it out for awhile...that awhile is up for me. Earlier this week we got a call from the housing office saying that there is a townhome available for us (YEA!!!), but we have to move in the first week of Jan. (NO!!!!!) Could it be any worse timing?! Being that I'm due Dec. 31st that is just not an option for us. So guess what? We move to the bottom of the list. Ugh! It only took about a month for us to move from the bottom to the top of the list, so hopefully it'll be about the same but no gaurantees. I can't even tell you how frustrated and dissapointed I am. To have something you want so badly just slip right through your fingers...ahhhh. Oh well, everything happens for a reason.

On a lighter note, Bobby and I get to go on a date tonight (like a real date, outside of the house-first time since my bday in July) and I am SO SO SO excited. I'll post about it later!

Monday, December 15, 2008

I Love Them

And so it begins...

...Winter in Logan, UT. Sigh.

This is his snowsuit from last year so it is 12 mo. size and is obviously WAY too small for him, but he was begging me to take him outside to play in the snow and I just couldn't resist his sweet little "please". So I figured this would be better than nothing!

Friday, December 12, 2008

37 Weeks

So I was thinking that I posted a 34 week update, but the last one was at 32 weeks. I was trying to be better this time around as far as taking more preggo pictures and writing down what's going on with my bod, but I guess I'm just not so great at keeping up with all of this. I'll just blame it all on the holidays! So what's going on?

  • My blood pressure is exactly the same as it was last week (and the week before and the week before that. actually, it's been roughly the same my whole pregnancy-78/114, or is it 114/78, I can never remember which way you read the numbers)
  • I lost 1 pound from last week (yea!-of course next week I'll probably have gained 4 so it doesn't really matter. Once again, I'll blame that on it being the holidays) , so my official weight gain as of today is 30 lbs. I gained 35 with Tyler so I just want to keep it within that same amount.
  • I tested positive for Strep B last week so I'll have to have the antibiotics during labor. No surprises there, I was positive with Tyler also.
  • He didn't do any checks on me (besides measuring my belly-what's that called again? and listening to the heartbeat.) because he said it was up to me and I don't really have any desire to get all prodded if I don't have to. Especially if Tyler's with me because I can't run around after him in the room while we're waiting for the doctor with just the paper towel apron they give you to wear. It's just weird. So, he said as long as I haven't had any contractions (which I haven't) or bleeding (no) or just want to, he would wait till next week to check my progress. Fine with me!
  • I still am not swollen!!! I know I still have 3 more weeks left and I could blow up like a blimp at any point, but I am so extactic about still being able to wear my rings and shoes (last time I had to go buy shoes in a size up and in WIDE because mine wouldn't fit over my fatty feet after the 8th month) that I go anywhere I can wearing heels showing off my cute ankles just because I can! I love it! Am I bragging? Um, Totally! But if you saw me last time you know how swollen and fatty I was. I can't even post a picture to show you because it disgusts me. Serisously, I was gross.
  • I never get heartburn, which is fabulous because last time I couldn't eat anything my last month because everything gave me heartburn. I'm eating as much spicy food as I can right now because once I start nursing it will be totally off limits :( (Ashley-I still make that one dinner that you and your husband came up with-the chicken with peppers and rice-almost once a week because we LOVE it, and I am going to be SO sad when I can't eat it anymore!)
  • I have stretch marks! Ugh! I only got a few on my sides with Tyler and then after I had him they went away. But this time they're on my side AND my belly! Tyler likes to lift up my shirt and kiss my belly and tell Kylie "night night" and last night he pointed to my stretch mark and said, "Owie. Momma owie." Thanks Tyler. :(
Okay, I guess that's all for now. Maybe I'll post something next week too, we shall see.

Friday, December 5, 2008

A Baby Story (Tyler)

Seeing as Kylie is due to make her entrance into this world sometime within the next 4 weeks I figured I better write down Tylers' birth story (since I wasn't blogging when he was born) so I don't forget or mix up the details between the two. (Not that you can really forget anything like that, but you know what I mean) This is a long one, so grab some popcorn and a drink and get comfy!

So I blame it all on Nanci's wedding. (sorry Nance, but it's the truth. You'll always be apart of Tyler's story.) I guess "blame" isn't the right word because it's what brought upon the birth of my beautiful baby boy, but we were so far from being prepared that if what happened that night hadn't happened I honestly believe we would have had a little extra time. Let me back up just a little.

Tyler's due date was Feb. 27, 2007. Wed., Feb. 14, 2007 I went in for my 38 week check up. The doctor told me that everything was "locked-up tight" (no dialation, no effacing, nothing) and that he would definitely see me at my appointment the following week. I put full faith in those words and didn't think twice about it, just went about the next few days as normal. Work, Work, Work. Since my last day of work was going to be Fri., Feb. 16 (I was SOOO excited for the fact that I was going to have a whole week to myself to relax and mentally prepare for this baby and really just enjoy those last few days of "freedom" alone) I put in a lot of extra hours at work that week to get my job done so that my replacement would have everything he needed to continue on without a problem. Fri. Feb, 16 I was at work till 7:00 just trying to finish every last detail, but still didn't get everything done I wanted to. I would have stayed later, but my super fab co-worker Nanci was having her wedding reception that night that I just HAD to go to, so I decided to give up for the night and come in the next day (sat.) and finish up.

Earlier that morning I told Bobby about the reception and that he would need to be ready to go as soon as I got home so that we wouldn't miss it because I knew I wouldn't be getting home from work till late. Now when somebody tells me to "be ready" that means dressed, teeth brushed, keys in hand, I walk out the door, get it? It's really hard for me (and something I am constantly working on) to be patient when things don't go exactly as I have planned for them to. I am a "planning" person and I usually have every detail of my day scheduled out in my head in the morning and if something messes up my plans I have a hard time adjusting. Let's just say...I'm not a very flexible person. Whatsoever. This day was no exception and as I had been planning since 8:00 that morning, I was going to arrive home at 7:15, honk the horn, Bobby would walk out, we would arrive at the reception by 7:30. So I get home, I honk the Bobby. I take a deep breath, park the car, walk into the house and there's Bobby standing in the kitchen, caught orange-handed, eating cheetos! Any other normal (and even any other not normal) person would have laughed about this and left for the reception. But for some reason that night I was really on one. And I FLEW off the handle! Even my problems with adjusting to hiccups in a schedule is NO excuse for how I was acting. I literally went crazy and even as I was talking I knew I was being crazy, but couldn't help it. Things just kept flying out of my mouth before I could even think about what I was saying. It's almost been two years since this happened so I don't really remember everything that was said, I just remember that I was ridiculous and I can't believe Bobby didn't just walk out of the house and never come back. (And I promise I'm not exaggerating; Nanci and Beckie can back me up on this-they heard the story just days after it happened) But it went something like this.

Me: (annoyed that I had to come in the house to get him) WHAT do you think you are doing?! You know we have to go to Nanci's reception and I told you to be ready the second I pulled up! (what? like he's some 5 year old child? I can't believe I'm even writing all this because it's SO embarrasing-I promise I'm not ever like this!)
Bobby: Uh, you need to calm down. I was just waiting for you and I was starving because I haven't eaten since lunch and I know you wanted to go out to eat afterwords so I was just having a little snack.
Me: Well that's just ridiculous! How dare you be so un-thoughtful.
Bobby: It was un-thoughtful of me to eat because I was hungry?
Me: Ugh! You are so selfish. It's always about you!
Bobby: What are you talking about?
Me: Look at you. Your hands are disgusting and you have Cheetos breath. Cheetos breath! I can't go out in public with you like that! Like you couldn't have a cracker or a piece of bread? No, you had to choose the most disgusting food in the house and binge eat till I got home. Bobby wants Cheetos so Bobby eats Cheetos. Who cares that Angela wants to go to a wedding reception and have me be presentable.
Bobby: Angela this is NOT a big deal. I was planning on washing my hands and brushing my teeth. Everything's going to be fine.
Me: Everything is NOT going to be fine. You are a liar. You are going to have Cheetos breath all night now and nobody will talk to you.
Bobby: That's fine I don't want anybody to talk to me. I hate wedding receptions.
Me: You are impossible! Just apologize for making me mad.
Bobby: What?! Are you serious?
Me: (totally in tears by this point) Just go brush your teeth and bring an entire pack of gum. I'll be in the car.

There was more ridiculousness on my part the entire drive down and Bobby actually pulled off the freeway at one point and almost turned the car around to take me back home because he couldn't stand to be with my anymore (it's a good thing we can laugh about this now). We finally made it and by the time we got there the line to talk to the bride and groom was SO long and Bobby refused to stand in line with me because he said he couldn't stand that close to me for that long. (that's how mad he was-but really do you blame him?! At this point I couldn't even stand myself.) So I waved hi to Nanci from across the room so she would know that I had come and then we left. The drive back home we didn't say a word to each other and when we got home I locked myself in the bedroom and cried my eyes out.(It was about 9:00 at this point) After giving myself adequate time to feel sorry for myself, I noticed that there were no lights on in the house and no noise coming from the living room which means he wasn't watching TV, so what was he doing? I thought maybe he had left and gone on a drive or something so I walked out into the living room and he was laying on the couch in the dark. At first I thought he was asleep, which made me mad all over again (how dare he be able to sleep when I'm in the other room totally broken up, right?! Ha ha!) but as I was standing there watching him from the kitchen I heard him say,
"Are you done being the devil yet?"
I busted up laughing and ran over to him and gave him the biggest hug in the world. And then I cried some more and he just held me as I told him how sorry I was for being a psycho and I had no idea what had come over me. He agreed that I was a classifiable psychopath, but that he would forgive me as long as I promised that that crazy person was gone for good.

Here I'll just suffice it to say that we were making-up from THE WORST fight we had had since we'd known each other water breaks! It was so weird because I had no contractions, no pains, nothing. All of a sudden I'm just feeling something running down my leg and I know it is NOT pee! I freaked out to say the least (as did Bobby) and was in complete shock. This could not possibly be happening to me. The doctor said he would definitely see me back next week. He said that there's no way this was going to happen. Not yet! I have to go to work tomorrow. Ahhhhh! What are we going to do? We have nothing ready. The car seat is still in the box, the crib is put together but it is piled full with baby stuff:

I have no hospital bag ready, and at this point I can't even remember what it is I'm supposed to bring; maybe an outfit for the baby, some clothes for me, I don't know I can't remember what they said to bring! I called my mom in a complete panic and she totally calmed me down and told me that it was ok, that I had plenty of time to get ready and go to the hospital. So I get off the phone and start running around like a crazy person between bouts of laughter and tears. I was driving Bobby nuts and he told me to just go sit on the toilet because I was getting "nasty uterus droplets" all over the carpet by running around. "It's not water Angela, it's not going to just dry, I have to clean all that up. Just sit still. Go sit on the toilet. I'll get everything ready." What a sweetheart. We finally headed out the door at about 10:30 and I was all checked into the hospital and in my room by 11:00.

Bobby being a dork

Me, not amused that Bobby wants a picture of me as we're leaving for the H.

I still wasn't having any contractions and I could tell the nurse didn't believe that my water "just broke out of the blue" (well, that's what I told them...they don't need to know anything else. My water broke, I'm going to have a baby, end of story.) So she did that test thing they do to make sure and I could tell she was totally shocked that I was right-which totally bugged me. They checked to see if I was dilated and I was at 1 cm. 1 cm! Most people are at 1 cm for the whole last month of their pregnancy. The nurses kept telling me that it is SO rare to just have your water break with no contractions and not to be dilated. Since I didn't progress AT ALL over the next couple hours they gave me potocin and that's when I went ahead and got my epidural. I still hadn't felt any contractions but I figured that 1. if potocin is supposed to make you dilate which=contractions, which=pain, I might as well go ahead and get dosed up so I don't have to feel anything and 2. I was planning on having an epidural (congrats to all those of you who do it naturally-you are apart of some prestigious club I will never join if I can help it, but I don't have anything to prove to anybody. They make pain meds for a reason!) so I figured heck, if I'm paying for this thing anyway why wait till I feel pain? Let's do this thing! Thankfully, as per the nurses, the best anesthesiologist in the hospital was working that night and I have no complaints as everything worked perfectly and I really never felt any pain. After that I went right to sleep and woke up a couple of hours later because the epidural started to wear off a little bit and I was feeling a little pain, but I just pushed that glorious little red button that admitted more drugs into my body via IV and I was right back to sleep. The nurses would wake me up periodically to check how fast I was dilating, but even with the potocin it was really slow. Around 7:30 that next morning (Feb. 17) I was still only dilated to a 5 (still feeling no pain-amazing) so they gave me an extra dosage of potocin and it only took about an hour for me to dilate from a 5 to a 10. At 8:30 a nurse came in to check on me and was really surprised that I was at a 10 already. A hospital doctor came in to verify and check the baby's position and found that he was posterior (face down to the floor instead of face up to the ceiling) so she tried to turn him with her hand, but couldn't get him to turn. She went to get another doctor (Dr. Reese who ended up delivering me because my doctor was out of town for the weekend on a scout camp out with his sons! I might have been more stressed out about this but my mind was a little occupied with other things.) He said that Tyler was definitely posterior and before I started pushing he had to be turned, so he tried turning him (which I will just tell you hurt almost as bad as the pushing itself. It was SO painful!) and he was able to so I went ahead and started pushing around 8:45. After almost 45 min. of pushing Tyler was still not coming and his heart rate was starting to drop REALLY fast so the doctor said he would let me try and push 1 more time, but if Tyler didn't come he was going to have to do an emergency C-Section. I really didn't want to have to go that route if I didn't have to so I gave it my all one last time and thankfully little Tyler was born at 9:27 am. All 5 lbs. 9 oz. and 17 inch. of him.

He was so small! I couldn't believe that that little peanut gave me such a problem (4th degree tear, an episiotemy and forceps! I had quite the recovery). Apparently I have a tilted uterus which I didn't find out about until I was in the middle of labor, and that makes it harder to deliver "through the birth canal" (I hate the normal word for that). Isn't that something my doctor should have mentioned?

He started crying right away, they weighed and measured him, put some drops in his eyes and let me hold him for a couple minutes, then wheeled him away to do all those other tests they do to them. Since I had had a pretty good nights sleep, and from the huge adrenaline rush of having a baby, I was wide awake and I remember being really talkative with the doctor as he was working on all my "repairs". I remember him laughing and saying that it was a good thing I was really drugged up right then and to enjoy it because when it wears off in a couple hours I was going to be in a lot of pain. At the time I thought it was funny too. Later that night, not so much! I kinda wanted to kill him to be honest. Anyway, even though Tyler was as tiny as could be, he was healthy, alert and precious, precious, precious! Everything about that weekend was so surreal, and I remember just staring at him not believing that he was really mine, that he was really here (I mean, not even 24 hours ago I was in a completely different world), and that I was really a mother.

A thanks goes out to Nanci for having a wedding reception, to Bobby for eating Cheetos, to Heavenly Father for blessing my life with this priceless gift, and to Tyler for making my life more wonderful than I ever knew it could be. Enjoy these pictures of my sweetheart!