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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kylee turns TWO!

Yay! We're so happy that Kylee is 2!

The past 2 years have been AMAZING because Kylee has been apart of our family! Her name would be more adequately described as "sugar n' spice" because she has more spice than I know how to deal with, but just enough sweetness to keep her in check! This girl definitely makes things interesting around our house and her and Tyler have literally become the best of friends. She is tender and loving with a flare of feisty that makes me love her so dang much because it reminds me of somebody else who may or may not have given her that feisty streak. :)

Do you like her leggings? I made them! :)

Daddy's little girl

But lets rewind to the beginning of the day shall we...(I mean much are we loving that hair?!)

Happy birthday pretty girl!

Her preferred breakfast of choice is cereal. Pretty much any kind as long as there is lots of milk. When she's done eating her cereal she has to drink every last drop of milk out of the bowl. A heathenistic trait she learned from her dear paternal.

After we got dressed we headed out to "the jumping place"-as termed by Tyler -(Jumpin Jacks) to have some birthday fun. Kylee had *fun* sitting on Papa's lap while the boys (Nate and Tyler) enjoyed the jumps and slides.

Daddy made the mistake of taking her down one of the slides cause he wanted to show her the fun she was missing out on by being a scardy-cat. She was NOT happy. This is her gripping bobby for dear life. (sorry it's blurry they were coming down fast)

Tyler and Nate making their way up the ladder, if you can call it such. It's pretty broken so they really have to hoist themselves up using the rope along the side.

Bobby about to fall on Nate's head!

Later that night everyone came over to do presents and cake with Kylee. Her first present was from Grandma and Grandpa Olson-$2 for turning 2!

Thanks Olson's!

Next up was her present from mommy and daddy!

Dress up chest full of accessories-including shoes, tiara's, a wand, earings, and necklaces for each dress!

She didn't even know what to do with it all!

I see many dress-up parties in our future!

Kylee-and Tyler-modeling some rings for you.

Next up, 3 sets of princess shoes from Grandma and papa! Really, could this day get any more great?!

Are we reading excitement or anger from this face? Man, she really wanted that present open!

And another fab present from grandma and grandpa-more dress-up accessories!

My mom made the cutest Purse cake for Kylee! So fun!

And in the back she put a little "clutch" she made out of the leftover cake from the purse-so stinkin cute!

She ate it very delicately just like a lady should!

After everyone left she got to play dress-up again and play with some of her new toys. Out of all the shoes she got, she prefers the ones with the feathers on the top (over the "princess" ones). Such a diva.

See...told ya Tyler played with the princess laptop (just so years from now when he's reading the last post where I said he loved it as much as Kylee did he can't say, "uh uh. whatever mom.")

So even though Tyler had it first, do you see the look of, "Mom! NO fair, I want it!" on her face as she's trying to pull it out of his hands? And Tyler is pulling back just as hard while Grandpa just sits there smiling. Thanks for stepping in there dad.

That's ok. Kylee didn't get the laptop but she got grandpa! (I think she looks so much like bobby in this pic)

We'll just end with what is possibly my newest favorite photo ever! I am so lucky to be surrounded by such beauty!

Happy Birthday Kylee, we love you SOOOOO much and are so happy that you are apart of our family!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The trip to the south...

These cousins sure were 'JOY'full to be together again!

Kylee: "Wait...are we?"

Tyler: "Totally!"
Nate: "Uh...we'll see how the week goes."

From the moment we got there it was non-stop playing out on grandma's back porch! (like literally...we pulled in at about 1:00 am and the kids did not stay asleep when we tried to bring them inside and decided to stay up till 3:30 am playing-such a good grandma they have to indulge them!)

The weird sisters...

...and the pretty sisters!

My mom is so good about letting the kids freely play in her house. It's so nice to not have to constantly be worrying about what the kids are going to get into or what they're going to break or make dirty. She just lets them have fun and enjoy being in her home. Even when it comes to her cute Christmas decorations...if they're in the kids reach it means they're meant to be played with! Love my mom!

I LOVE spending time and playing with Nate when I'm there since he doesn't get to see me very often. I don't want him to forget me!

Since we weren't there for Christmas my parents were so sweet to have Christmas for us when we got there-Christmas dinner and all! It's so nice that my grandparents live so close and can come over and celebrate with us and spend time with my kids! This is Kylee opening her first gift and this is Tyler finding treasure.

One of Tyler's Christmas gifts was a Toy Story dress up chest with full Woody and Buzz costumes! My mom is THE BEST gift giver ever! He LOVES this chest and usually puts on a costume at least once every day. (and although Buzz is by far his favorite character he always chooses Woody to dress up as...)

The unstoppable duo of Woody and Buzz Lightyear! (I love Nate's pouty face :) )

One of Kylee's favorite Christmas presents was this princess laptop that comes with 3 different "CD's" that you can pop into the disc drive and they play songs from different disney movies. She Loves this and even Tyler wants to play with it...a lot. ha ha he loves to change the CD's which makes Kylee angry cause she just wants to listen to all the songs!

Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

So I was extremely spoiled this year!!! Since my mom didn't get me a birthday gift this year she gave me a birthday/Christmas combined gift when she found a steal of a deal for this sewing machine!!

The one I previously had I don't even think you can call a sewing machine. I got it for $10 bucks at Target the day after Thanksgiving 4 years ago. It can pretty much fit in the palm of your hand and can't sew through anything thicker than a thin piece of cotton fabric. Now that I'm gettin all sorts of crafty up here in my snow cave (I have to or else I would go crazy with cabin fever!) she felt I needed a "real" sewing machine! She is SO right and I'm so thankful for this gift! I'm excited to show you the project I've been working on for Kylee!

Bobby got me a bread maker for Christmas which has been heaven! I LOVE the smell of fresh baked bread and for the very non-homemaker person that I am, a bread maker is the perfect gift. Dump in a couple ingredients, push a couple buttons and voila...bread! Yay!

And the Mr. Clause must of thought I was a very good girl this year cause he brought me this awesome cricut create with the program Sure-cuts-a-lot and the Graphically Speaking cartirdge! (I told you...spoiled, spoiled, spoiled! We never really do Christmas presents for each other so this was totally out of the ordinary for us!) Watch out craft world here I come! :)

Grandma helping the kids do a puzzle.

Enjoying being together!

I love these "characters"!

Howdy Sheriff!

So here's us (even when Alisa's sick she's gorgeous!)...

...and here's us when we're reviewing the 45 different pictures we took of ourselves! :)

They play so good together! It REALLY REALLY makes me wish we could live closer!

WAIT! look you see Kylee? She couldn't miss out on the fun of being Buzz!

A Buzz who plays with princess stuff that is!

Apparently she also thought she'd give Woody a try so grandpa thought he'd "help".

Silly Grandpa!

That's a little better!

We always love to go visit Great-grandma and grandpa at their house!

Kylee and grandpa hard at work.

Love them!

On our way out of town we stopped in to visit Nate and Alisa since she was SO sick most of the time we were there. She was so sweet and gave Kylee a fun birthday present!

This doll, almost as big as Kylee, was her best friend and she wanted her right by her the whole way home! Good thing she was "life-size", cause when we stopped to eat dinner later that night we couldn't find Kylee's socks anywhere in the car, so grabbed the ones off the doll and put them on Kylee!

Bobby playing a little Buck Hunter (Skyler's Christmas present) before we left.

We also celebrated Kylee's SECOND birthday while we were there, but I'll make a separate post for that! We love being with family in St. George and are so excited that next year Amanda will be home to celebrate Christmas with us!! (she comes home in 2 1/2 mo. YAY!-don't get trunky amanda! ha ha!)