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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An awesome conversation

This is part of the conversation Bobby and I had while driving home from eating at Tucanos tonight. (Thank you Wells Fargo!) For those of you that have never heard of this it is a Brazilian grill where you eat all the meat you could possibly dream of.

Me: Ugh, I am so hot and I can't figure out why. (it was like 60 degrees outisde) Are my cheeks flushed?

Bobby: No, but it's probably because you got a lot of sun today.

Me: Hmmm, probably not since it's been cloudy, overcast and chilly all day. And I didn't go outside.

Bobby: Oh, well it's probably because you just got done eating so much meat.

Thanks Bob. Problem solved.

Monday, April 28, 2008


You know the talk in church is going to be good when the speaker opens with Jerry Seinfeld quotes. I'm going to miss my ward.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Wow, so you guys asked some good questions and here are the answers! (feel free to keep posting questions, I'll just update this post with the answers)

Q: I was always out of the loop about this night.What really happened the night that you and Billy (or was it Jesse?) decided to steal the car and drive around town? How old were you, 15??
A: HA HA! Okay, that was actually Billy and Alisa! I was back at your house with Jesse and we were just outside talking on the lawn. Then all of a sudden we see a police car pull up and Billy and Alisa were in the back and the Police Officer told Jesse that Billy and Alisa has "stolen" a car and were in a lot of trouble. (alisa, if you remember this differently say so!) I think the car was Jesse's but since Billy was only 14 and didn't have a license and the car wasn't technically his, they considerd it stolen and Billy got a ticket. I think the police officer asked Jesse if he wanted to press charges, but I'm pretty sure he didn't :) and that was it!

Q: What is one quality that your dad has that you wish Bobby had?
A: Wow, this is a really hard one. (Not to mention will probably get me into trouble, thanks MaryBeth!:)) They are actually SO alike it's wierd! They are both SO patient, kind, devoted to their families, and extremely hard working. I think maybe the only quality I sometimes wish Bobby had, would be my dad's ability to be serious. Any of you who know my dad would probably never describe him as "serious" because he is really funny and is always walking around saying the wierdest things, but when it's time to talk about something serious I can always turn to/talk to my dad. Back when I lived at home we had weekly "interviews" with my dad where he would talk to us one-on-one about things that were going on in our lives, help us set goals and share a scripture with us. I loved those moments because that's when I got to see a different side to my dad. I love that Bobby is a total goof and can crack me up at ANY given moment, but I can almost never get him to have a serious conversation with me. That's just not his personality. Maybe it will come with age.

Q: What is your favorite memory with Tyler so far?
A: There are sooooo many! I think my favorite though is still the day he was born. It was around 10:30 at night (he was born at 9:30 that morning) and all the visitors had gone and Bobby was asleep on the "couch" in the corner and I was just laying in the bed and Tyler had just finished eating and was asleep on my chest. And I remember just feeling him breathe as he layed on me. It was perfectly quiet and all I could hear was him breathing and I knew at that moment that I was in love. Everything just clicked for me and I knew I would love him forever. Everything, at that moment, was right in the world. I will never forget that.

Q: What is the biggest obstacle that you have overcome? OR What is one experience that has changed you for the better?
A: I think one experience that changed me for the better was working at Disneyworld in Florida. Going from living at home in the same neighborhood since Kindergaten, having the same friends for 12 years, to BYU with all my friends was a piece of cake. I loved living in my "bubble" and didn't EVER do anything outside of my comfort zone. Going to Florida was the first time I had ever done/gone anywhere alone and I was scared out of my mind to go, but I really wanted to do this because I knew that I would learn important lessons and experience a lot of personal growth. And although I didn't love working there, I loved my experience! Living with people from different faiths, backgrounds, and personalities. (I actually had a roommate that was VERY VERY anti-mormon. That was fun. But don't worry, she moved out about 2 weeks after living with me because apparently I brought the devil into our apartment and had scary spirits following me because I was possesed. Do you remember that MaryBeth?!) But other than that I learned A LOT about the world, about life, and about how much my religion and family meant to me. It was hard and there were so many times that I wanted to go home and just be with people I knew loved me, but looking back I'm so grateful I stuck it out. (And a lot of that is thanks to you MaryBeth!!!) I think the most important lesson I learned was how to depend on my Heavenly Father and trust that no matter how alone and lost I felt in life, He would always be there for me. I always had a testimony of the gospel, but it wasn't until I was forced to make choices that I had never been faced with before (you have to understand, I lived a VERY sheltered life growing up) and was forced to find and depend on my inner strength, that I developed true faith; faith which I've needed to fall back on numerous times since that experience 5 years ago.

Q: how old were you when you had your first kiss?
A: 17 (I know that may shock some of you, but I promise it's true!! Remember, sheltered life!)

Q: What is your favorite thing/feature/attribute about yourself?
A: This is probably the hardest question because I hate talking about myself! (It's only because I LOVE you Alissa that I'm answering this!) My favorite thing about myself is how I listen to other people. I LOVE talking to people about their life, their problems, and their struggles because I learn so much from them. I'm always amamzed at the strength of people to be able to overcome their trials and I enjoy being that person they feel comfortable talking to because they know I won't go blab about them to other friends or treat their concerns lightly. Sometimes all people need to do is talk to get things off their chest and I love being that person they can vent to and, hopefully, find comfort with.

Thanks guys, this was fun!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

100th POST!!!

I decided I would let YOU write my 100th post.

I've seen on several other blogs that for the 100th post they will let their readers ask them questions in order to get to know them better, and I thought that was a cute idea. SO, for this post you can ask me ANY question you want and I HAVE to answer it! (my next post will have all the answers)

Please take this once in a lifetime opportunity to pick my brain! (I warn you, it is not very big!)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

American Idol review

Goodbye dear Kristy me-can't-stand Cook! Finally! I definately think America got it right last night with the bottom three and if America has any sense will be sending Ms. Sy-boring-esha right out the door after her. And then it will be little Mrs. Brookie's turn. I love her, but her times a comin'. She's been in the bottom 3 for what like 3 weeks now? Too bad. I like her voice okay, but I think she's a little boring. And sometime after that Carly and Jason will go, I predict Jason before Carly but I couldn't really care less because I think they're both equally as bad, And I have to be honest. I've always been a David A. fan,I mean really, who isn't? You just look at him and fall in love and then he sings and you hand him your heart. He's adorable, and will no doubt be signing a record deal the minute he walks off the show, but I think he's starting to fall into a pattern where his songs are all sounding the same. So sad. I have now been converted to David C. I don't like his look, I don't like his hair, and I think he's more cocky than he has the right to be, but Tues. night he sold me. I'd rather listen to him sing that song than Mariah any day. (And don't even get me started on her-doesn't she have a lingerie closet she should be redecorating or something-anybody see Oprah? That was just ridiculous!)

Oh and can I just say, what the heck was on Paula's neck?! I'm all for accessorizing, but really come on. Wearing a flower on your neck that's the size of your face is not pretty. I wonder if she looks in the mirror before she comes out on stage.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kiss Kiss Bo Biss

Usually Tyler is anti-kissing and we have to beg for a kiss, but today he's been so kissy! He just keeps walking up to me with his lips puckered and then makes a big "smack" noise when he kisses me, I just love it!

And today we went to Target (I know, big surprise) and he kept waving to everybody (totally unlike him!!) and blowing them kisses-smack noise and all! That kid is just too darn cute!

Joe Dirt?

My brother borrowed this horrid wig from a friend and looks SO white trash. It's kinda scary how well he pulls that off!

When he walked upstairs like this Tyler wouldn't go near him. Ty tried to pick him up and Tyler started screaming and ran to me. I have to admit it was pretty funny!

Little Joe Dirt in training

"Really mom?!"

Bobby is seriously considering this as a halloween costume option for Tyler this year. The only things missing are the cut-off jean shorts, cowboy boots and a tee-shirt that says, "Life's a Garden, Dig it." Yikes!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Nathan Richard Ence


was born April 08 at 1:32 pm (after pushing for 20 min.-not fair!!!). He weighs 7lbs. 8oz. and is 19 inch. long. He is perfectly healthy, as is mom, and they will be coming home from the hospital today.

Nathan's first picture with mom

In his bed

Aunt Alena and cousin tyler

Mom and nathan leaving the hospital

Dad and nathan leaving the hospital

2nd day home

sleeping in his cradle

Saturday, April 5, 2008

We're here!

In St. George that is. My sister's due date was last Thur. and she still has not had her baby :(. The doctor is going to induce her on Tues. if she hasn't had it by then and I really wanted to be here when the baby was born, (Originally we weren't planning on coming down until the last weekend in April since Bobby has finals he has to study for) so I made an impromptu decision this morning and decided to come down with just Tyler and stay for the next week.

Let me tell you a little about my trip down and some thoughts I had on my journey. First of all, you must know that I am a really good singer. Like, amazing actually. I would definately win American Idol no problem, I just choose not to try out because I don't want to be famous. Or rich. But, my singing would pretty much rock your socks off. So, I've been driving about 2 hours now, Tyler's asleep in the back and the 64 oz. Dr. Pepper I just finished off has either not kicked in or has no effect on me because I am seconds away from dozing off. I do however have to go to the bathroom VERY bad and my squirming to keep "it" in is probably the only thing keeping me awake. (Funny how blessings come in different ways) I do NOT want to pull over at a rest stop because I want Tyler to sleep as long as possible, but if I don't do something soon I will need a new pair of pants and a re-upholstered seat cushion. I seriously debate whether or not to utilize the bottle lying, oh so empty, next to me. I contemplate. Nobody would ever know about this (unless of course I choose to blog about it to the world), I'm sure I could manage to get most of "it" in there thanks to the blessing of cruise control and I'm going fast enough that anybody I passed would be long gone before they realized what they just saw. Thankfully Tyler wakes up 2 miles before the next gas station exist. You may all breathe a sigh of relief.

Back in the car, and to the reason for my aforementioned singing talent, I'm still really sleepy and Tyler is starting to get fidgety, so I decide it's time to let loose and party! Cue the music. I don't know if any of you have ever really rocked out while driving in your car, (by yourself, it doesn't count if you're with friends, that's easy) and I mean like the whole shebang. Hands flying, shoulders bumpin', open mouth singing with your coke bottle as the mike and extreme use of facial expressions, it is SO fun! Very theraputic. So there I am, driving down the freeway with the wind in my hair, and not a care in the world, partying down with the Spice Girls deciding which one I would most likely take the place of. As I'm doing this, I get several looks of anything that ranged from pity to laughter, but I couldn't care less because I know I look really hot. Hot like in the Paris Hilton way, not as in the temperature way right, when this truck with 3 guys passes me. They're only several feet in front of me when I see them tap their brakes and begin slowing down. So now I'm thinking, oh yea, I still got it. My car pulls up equal to where theirs' is and I glance over thinking, okay I'll make their day and give them a little winky wink. So imagine my total dismay when instead of nods and smiles from the teeny boppers I get pointing fingers, laughter and nods that go horizontal instead of vertical. I blush a nice shade of red for them and allow them to zoom past me so that I can eat their dust. Whatever, I'm still hot. Only now, it is a temperature thing. Tyler starts screaming in the back and I am quickly brought back down to planet earth and remember I'm a mother not a rock star. And although our pay differs by the...millions, I feel I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be, doing exactly what it is I'm supposed to be doing with my life and have chosen the perfect career for me. And I would never have it any other way. But I could, if I wanted to. You know, be a singer.

Friday, April 4, 2008

I am constantly in Awe

of my husband. He is WAY too good to me. I have had a really hard day with Tyler today so wasn't in the best of moods. When Bobby called me this afternoon Tyler had just woken up from a nap 1 1/2 hours earlier than he usually does so I was even more grumpy because I'm selfish and felt I had been deprived of "my" time. (Which I should have learned by now, does not actually exist.) I was extremely snappy with Bobby on the phone (I know, you're all shocked) and told him I didn't have the time to talk to him and hung up before he had a chance to say goodbye-that is not hanging up on him, maybe he should talk faster :). Not even 30 min. later Bobby shows up at home with a HUGE soda and chocolate chip muffin for me. I just started to bawl because I am such a schmuck and my husband is such a hero! He just left work right in the middle of the afternoon to come bring me a pick-me up treat, minutes after I had been mean to him. What an example of kindness, forgiveness and true love he is to me. I am SO lucky! Love ya baby!