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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Family Pictures

Since we were all-together back in March when Ty came home, it was a great time to get family pictures done-especially since we have, are you ready for this....NEVER have had a family picture taken. What?! I know, so it was time. :) Left-Skyler, Alisa, Bailey and Nate Middle-Amanda, mom&dad, Alena and Ty Right-Kylee, me, Bobby and Tyler. 

My parents and us crazy kids...all growed up. So weird. I still see all my siblings in my mind as the same ages that they were when I left home for college. Does anybody else do that?!  

And since we were gettin' pics done, I figured I might as well snag a few of my little fam since the hubby gives me ONE family picture time a year. He absolutely detests getting family pictures. DETESTS. Ha ha :)  

 And just because I have THE most gorgeous sisters on the planet...I'm so lucky to have ALL 3 of my sisters be just as gorgeous on the inside as they are on the out. Love them!  

Alisa's family-cutest family EVER!

How sweet are these kids?!?! (anybody else see that glint of mischievousness in Mr. Nate's eyes?! ha ha!)

I love us!

Aren't they lookin' GOOD?!

I just love that in every picture with Kylee she has her left hand up on her hip...I guess she's seen her mom and aunts taking a few pictures...ha ha!

Love. Love. Love. and then Love some more. 

Ha Ha...there are no words needed. The whole pic just kinda speaks for itself. :)

So cute! Seriously...the cutest parents ever!

I just love Alisa with dark hair, she looks BEAUTIFUL here!

 All the girlies!

One boy, with all these sisters...he's going to make one AMAZING husband-trust me. We've been 
training him for awhile ;). 

Hopefully we won't wait another 28 years to get a family picture! We're gaining a brother-in-law in a couple months so we'll have to update relatively soon right?! *congrats AMANDA!!!* :)


Matt and Haley said...

I want to hear Amanda's engagement story!! I've seen pictures on FB.

Michelle C said...

Gorgeous beyond gorgeous families!! Love the colors. I just laughed and laughed about you girls training your brother, lol.

Just Jaime said...

Great pictures! I love you all with dark hair =)

Maranda said...

Ok these are the best family pictures of any family I've ever seen. The location is perfect, your outfits fit together perfectly without being too matchy-matchy, and you are all soooo beautiful!! I love Alisa's dark hair too. And Congratulations on the hubby Amanda!